“Can We Have a Baby, Master?”

[F4M] “Can We Have a Baby, Master?” [Script Offer] [BDSM] [Master/slave] [Mdom] [fsub] [Married] [Pregnancy] [Fertilization Fetish] [Begging] [Worship] [Making Out] [Missionary] [Orgasm] [SFX Options]

By MollyMolotov666

(Submissively) Master? I have a question. (Pause)

(SFX: Master puts down his book)

This is really important. I know you have a tendency to make a lot of jokes when you’re uncomfortable or shocked, but please try not to. I’m asking you not only as your submissive, but as your wife, as well.

(Awkwardly) Soooo… I’ve been your slave for ten years now, and we’ve been married for seven… (Pause) Heh, I said no joking. Come on. Let me get this out, or I’m going to explode.

So, yeah, I want to expand on our family. (Pause) I want a baby with you. (Faster, as if trying to make a point before interrupted) It makes sense to do it right now. The house and car are paid off. It’s time. It’s time to start thinking about these things.

(Pause) I’ve been hoarding tips for the last few years. It’s my “Chest in Case” money… For a boob job, originally, but now it’s my “Nesting Egg.” I’ve got a good chunk of cash saved up, and I still have my hope chest. It’s filled with all kinds of baby things to get us started. We’re going to be fine if we chose to do this.

(Pause) Yes. “We.” Why do you say “we” like that? Of course you have a say. The money can still be for my ‘tig ol’ bitties tithes.’ It’s just that if we both wanted a baby, I strongly believe it’s possible financially. The question is, do you want this, too?

(Pause – Excited) Well, I would accept no with grace, naturally, if your answer is no… But just saying… I’ll throw out my birth control pills right now… If you told me to. (Pause) Um, they’re right here. In my purse.

(SFX: Bag is picked up – Bag snaps are undone – Medicine wrapper sound – Bag is put down)

(Seductively) What do you want me to do? It’s all up to you… Master… I’ll go with whatever answer you choose… (Dramatic pause – Turned on) You… You want me to beg? I have to beg you for a baby, Sir? (Pause) Master… Please, get me pregnant. I want you to pump a baby in me, please…

Master, I’m on my knees, begging you. I want a baby with you so badly. Please, please give me your seed. I want to carry your baby so badly. I want to feel you fuck me every day, telling me how much my belly is changing over the months, growing larger and larger with your child. I want this. I want your baby so badly that it hurts. I am begging you. Please, give me your baby…

(SFX: The rattle of a trash can – The pills are dropped in – Put the pills down)

(Squeals with joy) So, I take this as you’re ready? You want to be a father, then, Master? (Pause – Begging) I want to hear you say it, Master. Tell me… Tell me, please… (Pause – Excited and tearful) Oh, thank you, my love. Thank you… (Pause)

Fuck, you’re so hard for me, Master… Do you want me to suck it to celebrate? (Pause) Hmmm, what are you doing? Oh, fuck… (Yelps as he gently pushes her to the ground from her knees onto her back)Yes, you’re so good to me. (Making out for several minutes passionately) I love you… Need you… I am so happy…

(Moans as he enters her – Improv sweet and loving, but still BDSM related things as he fucks her) Yes… baby… You’re so good… My sweet Master… My husband… Father of my future children… Make love to me… Fill me up with your cum so I can give you all the babies you’ve ever wanted…

(Make love for several minutes) Yes, baby, fuck… I love you, Master. I’m yours. Only yours forever… Cum in me… I’m going to cum. Please, fill me up… Make a baby with me, please… Please… I need it, I’ve never needed it so badly…

(A tender, sweet double orgasm)

You are my dream come true. My one true love. (Pause – Laughs breathlessly) Yes, my love. Every night, until there’s a baby in there. And many, many times after you do. I’m your slave, remember? It’s my duty to pleasure you, even when I’m knocked up.

(SFX: Fade out to them cuddling and kissing sweetly)


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