“Can You Keep a Secret, Handsome Mortal?”

[F4M] [Athena] Loses Her [Virginity] to a Hunter; [Goddess] + [Human] = [Mythological Smut] [Lots of Kissing] [SFX] [Script Offer]

By MollyMolotov666

SYNOPSIS: Athena, goddess of war, wisdom and weaving, is an untouched maiden. That is, until she met you.

(SFX: “Wilderness at night” ambiance / Crickets, etc.)

(Ethereal voice) Awaken, fierce hunter… Awaken, and come to know me. (Pause)

(Normal voice) Who am I, you ask? Well, who, pray tell, do you think I am? (Pause)

I know who you are, brave hunter, and that’s all that matters. I’ve watched you all day, and you were quite a sight. I’ve never seen a human so adept with the bow and arrow before, and I wish to know your technique.

(Pause) Now, is that anyway to talk to the goddess of the war? Of wisdom? Of weaving? Have you not heard of Arachne’s pitiful fate, and the folly of angering the gods?

Yes. Gods. I did not stutter, handsome one. And yes, it is I… Athena, and I very much wish to learn how you shoot your bow. Show me. Now…

(Pause, with a few “yes” and “okays” thrown in there, as if the Hunter is educating Athena on how to use the bow) I see what you’ve done there! Very clever! I’m very impressed by you, dear mortal. Expect to feel my blessings in the upcoming days. You have pleased me greatly.

(Pause – Confused / In a demanding tone) Explain what your meaning is, Mortal. I don’t think I understand you.

(Shocked) Pardon me? Are you suggesting that we… (Gasps) I could tear you apart right now for that. How disrespectful! Apologize to your goddess! (Pause) People would find out! It’ll cause a scandal! That’s as good a reason as any! (Pause)

(Calmer) …Well, I suppose that’s true. It’s not as if you’d tell anyone, I’m sure. I’d have your tongue, and you know I am not speaking in euphemisms.

You are very convincing… you know that? Vow to me here and now that nobody will find out. Do it, and I’ll agree to…this…

(Relieved) Well? (Pause) What now? What do we do now? (The Hunter kisses Athena, who is shocked at first, but begins to kiss him in return) Yes… Right here in the grass… (They make out for several minutes)

(Purrs in pleasure) Yes… Yes… Now… Please… I need it now…

(Moans deeply as the Hunter takes Athena’s virginity. They make love for several minutes. Wordless, sensual and intimate in nature)

Yes… Please, kiss me, Mortal. Kiss me again! Don’t stop kissing me! (More kissing and making out while they make love under the night sky) You are perfect… This is so much more than I could have ever imagined!

I’ve never felt this way before… Human, you’ve awakened something in me… Something I have no words for. (Curious / Shaking with desire) What is this I feel? (Pauses while being pleasured) What is ecstasy? What does that mean? (Whimpers loudly as he shows her what “ecstasy” means)

(They cum together under the night sky, holding each other tightly, both breathless for several minutes before finally being able to speak again)

Huh? What’s that? (Gasps) I dunno. I don’t want to push our luck. If we get caught, it’ll ruin my reputation! Just don’t tell anyone, okay! If this stays between us, I promise you that you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on your hunting trips…


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