“Carmilla the Vampire”

[F4F] “Carmilla the Vampire” [Script Offer] [Rape] because of [Mind Control] [Seduction] [Gentle] [Soft FDom] [Virgin] [Vampire] [Debutant] [Romantic] [Body Appreciation] [Lesbian] [Yandere] [Loving] [SFX] [Based on Works by Sheridan le Fanu]

A vampire worships you.

By MM666

SFX: Night ambience first, then cue creepy ambience over it to signify vampiric magic is happening

(Soft and seductive) My love…

(A little more dominant, but still soft spoken) Awaken, my dearest, sweet little one. Open your mind to me, my Lady. Give me your free will. Yes… Yes…

Good girl. Sit up in your bed. Take the garlic, and throw it out. Then, open your windows. Now…

(Hauntingly) Do not fight me, girl. Obey. There you go. Just like that.

SFX: Door opens – Small thump – Closes door – Window opens

Don’t be rude, my darling girl. Invite your lover in. (Pause)

SFX: Climbing in the window / Closing the window

(Carmilla kisses her sweetly) I have waited for this moment from the very second we met. You looked like a vision of blue and gold as you danced among the gray masses. All those men wanted to capture you like a doe in the woods, but you gracefully escaped their clutches.

They were unworthy, my dear girl. All of them. They can’t give you what I can. They can’t save you from this rotting husk we call life. No. They’ll age you, and you’ll become old before your time. But me? I’ll give you eternal life.

(Passionate kissing) Remove your chemise, my dear. Slowly. Yes. Let me worship at the altar that is your body. (Sucks in an aroused breath of air) Perfect. You are stunning and perfect, just the way you are. Every freckle, birthmark and scar only serves to enhance your beauty.

(Kissing her) Lay back onto your bed. Spread your legs for me. Yes. Good girl. (Carmilla performs long and passionate oral sex on her young victim)

(Aroused) My love, you’re untouched by man… You taste so pure. So clean. You are perfection incarnate. I love you. I love you so much, my sweet girl…

(Continues to go down on her to the point of orgasm)

Sit up, my love. It’s time now, to introduce you to the pleasures of immortality. Shaking off the mortal coil is painful, but temporary. Once you’re reborn, you’ll never know pain again…

(Kisses her) Give me your neck, my darling girl. Yes. Like that. Take a deep breath.

(Bites her and sucks her blood – Pulls away with shaken breath, passionately panting)

Don’t cry. The pain is momentary. The pleasure I offer you, however, is eternal.

(Another bite – Pained wince) Drink from me, my dearest. Drink from me and live forever.


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