“Cleopatra Seduces Julius Caesar”

[F4M] “Cleopatra Seduces Julius Caesar” [Historical Fiction] [Based on Actual Events] [Seduction] [Script Offer] [Written By MollyMolotov666]

ABOUT THE MAIN CHARACTER: Cleopatra is seductive, beautiful, manipulative and dangerous in nature. She’d do anything to get whatever she wants. Her primary trait is how regal and charming she is. About 19 years old in age, she’s young, and yet still a force to be reckoned with.

(Coyly) Greetings, great and powerful Caesar. Don’t mind me. I’m just admiring you from afar. Welcome to Egypt, by the way. Alexandrian fashion suits you. You look so comfortable here, as if you were born native to our lands.

(Laughs) Well, your security leaves a lot to be desired, my Lord. I merely had to hide in a carpet, cleverly disguised as your gift, and just like that, I had safely infiltrated your inner sanctum. Perhaps you should appoint a new head guard, my Lord?

(Pause) My intention, great Caesar, is an alliance between our countries.

(Regal in tone) I am the one true pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra. My brother and sister have betrayed me. My throne has been stolen, and I was exiled from Alexandra. I demand satisfaction for the crimes committed against me.

(Sternly, but still very regal in tone) When I asked the Gods for counsel, Isis gave me strict instructions on how to be victorious.

I need you to conquer. I need your forces behind me, or my throne is lost forever.

(Pause) Isis told me you’d say that. I only have this to say in response: Do you really think the Pharaoh will accept Rome as an ally? No, I assure you he won’t. When I was Queen, I requested an allegiance between Rome and Egypt. It was how I lost my throne. My brother, the evil Pharaoh Ptonomy, banished me for merely suggesting it.

(Bitterly) In turn, my sister, Arsinoe, took my place as queen, leaving me to live in exile. (Strong and regal) You, great Caesar, have met them, have you not? How long have you been in Alexandra? (Pause) Do remind me, my Lord, how long have you been in Egypt? How long have you been waiting for the Pharaoh to change his mind about an alliance with Rome?

(Seductively) My Lord, with me in power, you’d have my army behind you, a powerful alliance in front of you, and my loyalty by your side. (In awe of him) I’d owe you my life! I’d owe you everything I have, and all that I am. Return me to glory, and I’ll dedicate that glory to you.

(Seductively) Every inch of me would be yours, my Lord. The most powerful woman of the known world would love you, worship you, hunger for you, live for you, die for you… I’d be yours, and I swear this before Isis herself.

(With great hunger in her voice) Do you accept me? Will you help me? (He kisses her. It’s passionate and filled with desire) Then take me. Take me because I’m all yours. Yours alone.

SFX: Clothing being stripped off and thrown to the ground / They lay down on a soft bed while making out

(Lustfully kissing each other) Yes, take your queen, my beloved king. (They’re being intensely passionate. She’s whimpering and mewling in desire) My king, I’m yours. All yours. (Greedily) Oh, that feels so good. I’m unworthy of your greatness, my Lord. I’m ready! Please, I need you inside me. I’ve never hungered for anyone more than this. I’ll die if you don’t complete me. I’m empty without you, great Caesar!

(Whimpers as he begins to fuck her) By the Gods, you’re gifted in more ways than one!

(They make love for several minutes. She’s groaning, whimpering, writhing in pleasure under Caesar) Yes, my King. My handsome, noble King… I love you. I adore you. I worship you. (Cries out in desire) I’ve never hungered like this before. I can feel your power radiating from your body, filling me with strength and vitality. I can feel the Gods blessing me with your body!

More, deeper, please, my Caesar! (Cleopatra is losing herself to desire and lust) Give it to me! Every inch! Every drop! Make my belly swell with your godly seed, great Caesar. Together, we’ll birth entire kingdoms, and raise them in our image. Cum inside your queen, please, my Lord!

(Caesar and Cleopatra cums together, embracing seductively. They’re breathless)

(Long, breathless pause – Giggles) Yeah? Do you promise? (Pause) When? How? (Pause – Giggles darkly)Yes, my Lord. Kill them. (Sinister and cute in tone) Kill them both, and leave no prisoners. (Purrs in pleasure) Yes, my Lord. That which is mine is yours, and that which is yours… (Darkly) is mine.


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