“Cockwhistle The Cannibal Clown”

[A4A] “Cockwhistle The Cannibal Clown” [Rape] [Age] [Horror] [Violence] [Biting] [Forced Masturbation] [Forced Orgasm] [Script Offer] [Any Gender] [Optional SFX and Music]

By MollyMolotov666

(WRITER’S NOTES: Cockwhistle is a creepy supernatural clown – Use a voice to fit with that theme. If you need SFX or music, or maybe need help editing, let me know)

SFX: Play night time ambience for a few seconds before fading in demented circus music

Hello, little one. Come here! (Pause)

Don’t be shy! (Faux offended) What? You don’t like clowns, kid? Awww, don’t be afraid! I’m more fun than a wheelbarrow filled with buttholes. Nothing about ME worth being scared of! Come closer! I got a trick to show you!

There you are! See? Ain’t a thing to be scared of! I’m just a (Sinister in tone) silly old clown…

Do you like tricks? Do you like treats? Come here…

SFX: Shuffling a deck of cards

I got both, kiddo. Boy, do I ‘got both. Pull a card. Any card. High card gets a treat. Low gets a trick. You feeling lucky, kiddo? Just pull a card.

SFX: A card is pulled and placed back in

Now, that’s a good kid. Such a good little kid. Let’s see here. My turn, and it’s…

SFX: Draws a card

Well, look at that. Ace of spades. I win. Now it’s time for your trick.

SFX: Drops the cards as they scatter everywhere

(Intimidating tone) Oh, ho ho ho. You’re not going anywhere, kid.

SFX: Biting, ripping skin off the bone

(Sinister laughter) Oh dear. Scared, are we? HAHAH!

SFX: Clothes ripping off

Where you’re going, you won’t be needing these clothes, now are you? (Laughter) Scream all you want, nobody can hear you now… You’re in my realm now. There’s no help coming. Nobody is running to save you. You’re mine. All mine! (Evil laughter)

What do I want? You wanna know what I want, kid? I want to give you nightmares. Nightmares for years and years to come. Each time you wake up screaming from a night terror, I’ll become stronger and stronger.

Touch yourself. (Pause)

Do as you’re told. (Growls in supernatural rage)

(Monster voice, roaring) NOW!

(Normal voice) That’s a good little kid. Touch it REAL good. I wanna see your toes curl in pleasure, kid. The fear just makes it feel better, I promise. Cum for your favorite evil cannibal clown, kid. (Pause)

Why? BECAUSE I CAN! Because I’m Cockwhistle the Cannibal Clown, and I can do anything I want to! I do it because you can’t stop me. Go on. Try, but if you take your hands off yourself, I’m gonna make you hate me.

Faster. Faster, kid. Show me how good you can obey my commands. If you cum for me, I’ll give you a special treat. (Pause) You’ll see. Just cum. Now.

Cum, or I’ll eat you. I’ll rape you, cut you up, and eat you.

(They cum) GOOD KID! That’s a good little kid! You may go now… but just remember this: You will cum when Cockwhistle the Cannibal clown tells you to cum, because I’ll be back. I’ll always come back!

(Evil laughter)

SFX: Fade out all ambience, SFX, and music


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