Do have any questions? Would you like to commission an audio? I also do commercials and general voice acting. Though my commissions are closed currently, I’m always open to talking about future opportunities.

When filling out the “Commissions” form below, use the “website” section to link your scripts, inspirations, etc. That way, I can better visualize what you’re going for.

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Buy me a coffee if you want to tip me for my audio content. I also have a few services for sale, if you’re interested in buying custom content.

Become a Patron for $3 a month! I have exclusive episodes over there of my hit series “Molly’s True Stories.” New episodes every 13th of every month!

Donate to in my name, if you want to do something really cool! That’s the best gift you can give me for birthdays or Christmas. I’m not even kidding. Ya’ll don’t know how important this charity is to me.


I am an agoraphobic misanthrope. That’s a big word way of saying I don’t really do well, socially. As such, I tend to avoid my DMs. I don’t avoid people. Only social situations. Frankly, people scare the hell outta me. Patience please, while I build the nerve to check my DMs…


PRICES: $50 improv with prompt / $65 for 15-20 script / $75 for 15-20 script with SFX / Audios past my limits: $100 / Anything else is negotiable

LIMITS: Hard sports, feet, small dick shaming

KINKS: BDSM, Force, Horror Play, Snuff, Dolcett, Spankings, Fighting, Punching, Violence, Gore

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