“Daddy, Please Put a Baby In Me”

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By MollyMolotov666

SYNOPSIS: Your teen daughter is ready to be a Mommy

Hey, Daddy? Can we talk about something important? (Pause) Well, I was thinking. I know I’m only a teenager, but I think I’m finally ready. (Pause) Well, I’m ready for what we were talking about earlier. You said you wanted to try to make me a Mommy soon, and I told you I needed time to think about it.

(Pause) And I did, actually. I thought hard about it, and I’m ready. I want you to make me into a Mommy.

(Pause) Oh, good! So… Does that mean you’ll start fucking me raw? No more condoms? (Excited) Yay! I’m so ready. (Kissing that starts sweet, turns sexual quickly) Now, Daddy. Do it now. Put a baby in me, Daddy.

Yes. I want it deep inside me. Make me into a Mommy, please! Fuck a baby into me. (Kissing) I wanna fill my belly round out with your child inside me, Daddy… I’m a good girl, and I deserve to be the mother of your babies!

So hard for me… So ready to take me… How do you want it, Daddy? How do you want my underage cunt tonight? (Moans in pleasure) Yes… Look me in the eyes when you pump your children into me. And don’t pull out until every drop of cum is deep inside me, I beg you. I’m begging you to give me every single drop…

(Whimpers as Daddy enters her) I’m gonna be a good girl, Daddy, and I’m going to make you a baby. Pump me full of seed, Daddy, and don’t stop until my cunt can’t take anymore.

Oh, Daddy! It feels so good! I love how good you make me feel! I love being your underage cunt, Daddy! I hope I can make you feel just as good as you make me feel! (Passionate kissing) YES! Cum! Cum in me! Don’t stop until you’re done getting me pregnant!

(She cums while he dumps his load in her cunt) YES! YES! YES! God, I want you to make me a Mommy so badly…


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