“Daddy’s Lil Runaway”

[F4M] “Daddy’s Lil Runaway” [Script] [Written by MollyMolotov666] [Rape] [Age] [Incest] [Reluctant] [BJ] [Abusive]

(Reluctant, her voice filled with anxiety) Daddy…

I’m sorry. (Pause) Please, listen to me. I know you’re mad at me, please hear me out. I’m sorry that I ran away. Truth is, I had thought I knew better than you did. I had it in my head that I could do better on my own, and that simply was NOT the case.

When I was on my own, I realized just how much I took for granted. I didn’t realize how well off I was, and how much of that was because of you. I took you for granted, Daddy. Please forgive me. (Pause)

Well, I was hoping I could come home. I tried it out on my own, and failed. I’m too young and immature to take care of myself like a grown up. I’m not a grown up. I’m your little girl! Please, let me come home, Daddy!

I’ll never leave you again, I promise. Not until you tell me I’m ready, and not a moment sooner.

(Pause) So does that mean I can come home, then? (Kisses and hugs with tearful joy)

Oh, thank you, Daddy! Thank you! (Pause) What’s that, Daddy?

(Pause – Timid) Do I have to? Do WE have to? That’s part of why I ran away, you know… (Whimpers) No… I hate it. You know I don’t like it when you touch me. (Whimpers in discomfort) Kiss you? Or else? (Panicked whimpers – Kisses him)

There… Hey! (Yells has he grabs and force kisses her – Whimpers during and after the kiss in quiet horror) No, Daddy! Please! Don’t kick me out! I want to stay! I do! I just don’t want this!

SLAP! (Gasps in pain. Tears. Pain. Fear. He forces her to make out for several minutes) Fine! Fine, Daddy! Anything you want! Just don’t hurt me…

(He forces her to suck his cock. Start out giving a timid, scared blowjob, filled with panicked whimpers. Segue into a forced face fuck)

Please, let me go, Daddy. I just want to go to bed! Please! Let me go! (Continue the hardcore face fucking. Tearful. Vulnerable. Terrified. All she can do is take it)

(Tearfully) If I make you cum, will you let me come home, then, Daddy? Okay… Okay, Daddy, I’ll make you cum…

(Spends the next few minutes making him cum with her mouth, tearfully. She cries for a moment before speaking again) So, can I come home now? (Tearful relief) Thank you, Daddy. I’ll be a good girl. I promise I won’t run away, ever ever again…


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