Do You Like What I Do? Subscribe to My Patreon! $3 a Month!

If you’re having fun listening to my audios, and would like access to my member’s only content, please subscribe to my Patreon! It’s only $3 a month, and I release a new exclusive audio every 13th of every month.

Presently, I’m setting up a backlog of audios, and once I’m ready, I’ll be releasing the posting schedule to Patreon, as well as here.

Here’s a free sample of what to expect from my exclusive series, called “Molly’s True Stories.” This episode is called “A Time I Felt Afraid for My Life.”

Proceeds go to both supporting my voice acting habit, as well as helping with the expensive vet bills I face while taking care of an elderly cat with a neurological disorder.

I plan to start doing raffles and contests soon, and I think I might even begin a paid service of my own coming up, specializing in scandalous and boundary pushing content, but I’m still in the beginning of the planning stage at this point. I will keep everyone informed when I know more.

Stay tuned for more details to come!

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