“Don’t Drink and Drive, Pt 1”

[FM4A] “Don’t Drink and Drive, Pt 1” [Script] [Rape] [MDom] [fsub] [Cop vs Prisoner] [Police Brutality] [Drunk Driver] [Crying] [ACAB] [Collab Request] [SFX]
By MollyMolotov666


MOLLY: Arrested / DUI / Vacationing in Abroad for the Summer / From Boston /

THE OFFICER: Bad Cop / Rapes and Abuses Female Prisoners /


SFX: Cell door opens and closes / Locks

OFFICER: (Sternly) Get up, Molly.

MOLLY: (Groggy) Huh? What time is it, Officer?

OFFICER: (Rage) I said to get up, you slut.

MOLLY: (Angry) Excuse me?

SFX: He throws her to the ground

MOLLY: (Grunts in pain – Whimpering in fear and pain) Why are you doing this to me?

OFFICER: (Seething in rage) Take your clothes off, you bitch. Now.

MOLLY: (Sobbing) Okay! Look! I’m taking my clothes off! Just don’t hurt me!

SFX: Removing clothes

OFFICER: (Laughing) Hurt you? Really? YOU? I’ve been in your phone, you whore! I’ve seen your porn. I know what makes you cum. You like it when it hurts, eh? Well, you’re gonna love what happens to you tonight.

MOLLY: (Emotional and terrified) No, no, no… What are you going to do to me?

OFFICER: I haven’t decided yet, so let’s start with the basics. Get on your knees, and suck my cock. Now.

(Molly gets on her knees, and tearfully sucks the Officer’s dick. It’s a long, torturous BJ for Molly, but the Officer is having the time of his life, moaning as she sucks him off. He should be loud and boisterous here, mocking her the entire time)

OFFICER: Cup the balls with your other hand, you dumb cunt. Don’t make me hit you. Yeah, just like that. Fucking whore.

MOLLY: Don’t hurt me!

OFFICER: Then don’t make me hurt you! Suck my fucking cock, you piece of shit. Deeper!

(Molly’s gagging and sobbing on his dick, trying to get away)

SFX: The Officer slapped Molly

OFFICER: You’re really bad at this. Maybe the cunt’s better. Stand up, bitch. Good girl. Now, touch your toes.

MOLLY: But… (He interrupted her)

OFFICER: Don’t make me taze you. I’m going to have fun fucking your ass, either way, but I’d rather have you standing up. Now, do as I tell you.

(Molly is silently sobbing to herself, whimpering incoherently)

OFFICER: That’s a good girl. All the way down. Face down, ass up, like a good little slut. There you go. Deep breath, baby girl. This isn’t going to feel good. Don’t fight it, either. Just take the pain, or it’ll hurt way worse. Ready?

MOLLY: No, please, I… (Is interrupted by a dry dick in the ass – Screams)

OFFICER: (Sadistic pleasure) So tight! Such a tight little asshole!


OFFICER: Cry, slut. Beg me to pull it out. Try to fight me off. Go on. Try. I’ll make you pay, I swear to god, I’ll make you pay.

MOLLY: (Sobbing) Officer, please! Please, pull it out! You’re tearing me! I’m going to tell…

OFFICER: (Said while fucking her asshole from behind) Nobody’s going to believe you, because you’re just a slut. I’m a police officer, and you’re just a cumdump whore, and nobody is ever going to believe I raped you. You’re unrapable. Nobody can steal what’s given so freely, you nasty slut.

(Molly’s sobbing throughout)

MOLLY: It hurts! Please, stop hurting my ass! I’ll suck it! I’ll do anything, just pull it out of me!

OFFICER: Oh, no, bitch. I’m gonna cum in your ass first. Then, your cunt. Then, that pretty little mouth of yours. I’m taking all those tight little holes, slut.

MOLLY: (Hysterical crying) I can’t do this, please! Please, I can’t take much more! Just cum! Cum, please! Hurry!

SFX: Officer begins to beat Molly as he rapes her – She cries out in pain

OFFICER: Tighten your ass, slut. I want to feel you tighten up all over my dick. Do it now!

SFX: Slaps her ass

MOLLY: (Crying in pain) Anything you want, just cum! Cum inside my ass, please! Anything you want from me, just cum! (Practically screaming in pain)

OFFICER: (Spits on her) I’m gonna cum in that fat ass of yours, bitch. Beg for it.

MOLLY: I’m begging! Cum in my ass! Cum in my ass! I’m a cumdump to be used and abused! Please, cum in me!

OFFICER: Where do you want my cum, bitch?

MOLLY: In my ass! Cum in my ass! Please, fill my ass with cum!

OFFICER: Tell me you deserve this!

MOLLY: I deserve cum in my ass! I deserve to get cum in my ass because I’m a slut! This is all I’m good for! Cum in me!

OFFICER: (Cums in her ass) FUCKING SLUT! FUCKING WHORE! Take every drop! (Growling in pleasure and conquest at having just raped Molly) Fuck. That cunt’s so good, I feel like I should be paying you. (Breathless, evil laugh)

MOLLY: You’re a monster… Please, let me go back to bed. I won’t say anything, I swear to god.

OFFICER: Oh, I know you won’t. You’re coming home with me, baby girl. As far as the paperwork is concerned, you’re an escapee. They won’t know you’re actually mine… All mine.

MOLLY: Kill me. Just kill me, please… (Crying)

SFX: Fades out all SFX


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