“Don’t Drink and Drive, Pt 2”

[FM4A] “Don’t Drink and Drive, Pt 2” [Script] [Rape] [MDom] [fsub] [Cop vs Prisoner] [Police Brutality] [Drunk Driver] [Crying] [Kidnapping] [ACAB] [Yandere] [BJ] [Anal] [Collab Request] [SFX]
By MollyMolotov666


MOLLY: Arrested: DUI / Vacationing Abroad for the Summer / From Boston /

THE OFFICER: Bad Cop / Rapes and Abuses Female Prisoners /


MOLLY: (Crying) Officer! Officer, please, let me out of here! Please, Officer. I won’t try to run again! I promise! Please! Please let me have some water! Please! I’m sorry!

OFFICER: (Laughing in disgust at her terror) I’m going to open the door, so behave.

MOLLY: (Desperate sobbing) I will! I promise! I’ll behave!

SFX: Door opens

MOLLY: Water, please!

OFFICER: Open your mouth and tilt your head back. I’ll give you water.

MOLLY: What?

OFFICER: I’m going to pour it into your mouth. I don’t want your disgusting lips on my water bottle. Now, do you want water or not?

MOLLY: (Whimpers and obeys)

OFFICER: Good slut.

SFX: He pours water in her mouth as she chokes on it

MOLLY: (Gagging and lowkey drowning)

OFFICER: Ungrateful cunt. You haven’t thanked me yet!

MOLLY: (Horrified gasping – crying)

MOLLY: (Gasps in pain) Thank you! (Coughing for air) Please, Officer, you can’t keep me here! This is crazy! This is wrong! Please, have mercy. I promise I won’t say anything. I won’t turn you in, I promise! Just let me go!

OFFICER: I can’t believe you still don’t fully understand the severity of your situation. You’re not going anywhere, whore. You’re mine. All mine. You need to get that through your head. You’re never getting out of here.

MOLLY: (Hysterical) Please, no…

OFFICER: (Grabbing her pussy painfully) This cunt belongs to me!

MOLLY: (Yelling in pain) Let go of me!

(The Officer force kisses the girl against her will)

OFFICER: Crawl onto your knees, slut.

MOLLY: (Whimpering in horror as she obeys)

OFFICER: (Yelling) Open your mouth! Now!

(The Officer uses Molly’s mouth very forcefully for several minutes, as she gags and whimpers helplessly)

OFFICER: Get my cock wet. The wetter it is, the easier the next part is going to be!

MOLLY: (Crying as she sucks his cock) Please, not my ass!

OFFICER: (Cruelly) Shhh. Save the crying. We’re not there just yet. You want this. You know you do. Stop acting like you don’t.

MOLLY: (Panicked whimpers)

OFFICER: Good enough. Hands and knees, slut. Now.

MOLLY: (Pure horror) No! God, no! Not there! Not my ass, please, not my ass!

(The Officer painfully anal rapes Molly as she sobs and struggles under him. This goes on for at least 10 minutes. This should be a long scene of torture, humilation, and pure terror. The actors are free to improv this scene and make it theirs.)

OFFICER: Fuck back, you cunt! Fuck back at me! Go on! Yes! Good girl! Just like that!

MOLLY: (Begging) Pull it out! You’re tearing me! It hurts so bad! Your cock hurts! Pull it out of my ass, please!

OFFICER: I’m gonna cum! FUCK!

(He cums in her ass. Molly is sobbing in pain.)

MOLLY: Pull it out! Please! FUCK! It’s too much! Pull it out! (Sobbing)

OFFICER: (Evil breathless, post coitial laughter) I love it when you’re sobbing. You’re so pretty when you ugly cry.

MOLLY: FUCK YOU! (Sobbing)

OFFICER: Aw, does that hurt? (Thrusts painfully in her ass to taunt her) Just wait until you’ve got a cock in each hole.

MOLLY: (Whimpers in horror and pain) What do you mean by that?

OFFICER: My friends get here tomorrow, bitch. Then, the real fun begins.


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