“Empress Caligula”

[F4M] “Empress Caligula” [Script Offer] [Rape] [Based on a Real Person] [FDom] [msub] [Gender Bent] [Historical] [“Let Them Hate Me, As Long As They Fuck Me”] [Abuse] [Oral Sex] [Sadism] [Cruelty] [Light Dick Torture] [Threats] [SFX Options]

SETTING: An ancient Roman dungeon

SFX: Dungeon ambiance / Footsteps on wet cobblestone

(Sternly and with veiled rage) Guards, open the gate.

SFX: Ancient metal gate opens / A few more steps before stopping

(Barely bottled rage) Your poor, poor fool. How dare you try to assassinate your Caesar? Need I remind you just who you are dealing with?

(Sudden, but fleeting rage) I’m the Empress of the known world, you fool! I was ordained to rule by the Gods themselves! Imagine the arrogance to think you can go against their will? Who do YOU think YOU are?

(Calms herself)

(Laughing darkly) No matter. You failed your task. Now, you must have your punishment. Guard, hand me your whip.

SFX: Whips the would-be assassin with great gusto and pleasure / Moans wantonly in the process

(Giggles in sadistic delight) Such a fearsome killer you are, crying and recoiling in pain! If you wanted to live, you’d never have tried to stab me in the bath. My guards would NEVER let anything happen to me! I am God in human form, and nothing can stop me!

SFX: Whips him a moment longer before stopping

(Arousal in her voice) Guard, remove his tunic.

SFX: Clothes being ripped off

Very nice. Such a waste, too. I hate having to mar such lovely skin, but I can’t let your sin go unrewarded. If only we met under better circumstances, I might have taken you to my bed instead of… (Fearsome pause) this…

(Painfully grabs his dick / In a taunting tone:) Ah, does it hurt when I grab you there? Beg me not to twist it off. Go on, beg. (Sternly) Now. Start begging, or else.

(Pause) Well… (Pregnant pause) I’m not convinced.

(Grunts like she’s twisting it) BEG! Beg your Empress to stop hurting you!

(Pause – Taunting:) Why? You want to know why? (Rage) Because I CAN! I’m your Caesar! I DO AS I PLEASE!

(Evil laughter) There! Was that so hard!? Ask your Caesar not to hurt you again. Go on. I’m waiting. (Rage) Do it. I command you, peasant!

(Heavy, lascivious breathing) Do you want to live?

(Pause – Dark laugh) You’d be surprised, actually. I can be very generous, if treated with the proper respects. Show me. Show me how much you want to live.

(Commanding) Guards, untie him. (Pause / Softer tone, as if to mock his fear) There. Isn’t that better? See? I can be nice… (Heavy pause) when the mood suits me.

Lay down at my feet, and on your back. Now. I command you.

Do as I say, fool! How dare you question your Empress! Guards, assist him to the ground!

SFX: Thump!

(Mockingly) There. That’s better. Guards, hold him down.

(Seething with sadistic tension) Do you want to live? Go on. Answer your Ceasar.

(Pause – Evil laugh) Good. Here’s what you need to do in order to leave here with your life. Listen closely. You’re going to lay there, and I’m going to sit on your face. Pleasure me. If I cum, you can go. If I don’t, you die. Understand, peasant?

(Evil delight) Excellent. Such a fool, but you follow instruction, you’ll get out of this safely.

(Pause – Clearly lying:) Yes, of course you will. Would I lie to you? (Evil laugh) Well, what choice do you have, anyway?

Good boy. Do as your Empress commands.

(Sitting on his face) That’s it. I’m lowering myself down now, and you better not use any teeth. If you bite me, I WILL make sure that your last moments are spent screaming in pain. Do you understand me? (Pause) Good.

(Moans in pleasure) Yes… So good. Just like that. Use more tongue, you powerless little human. Pleasure me, you peasant. Pleasure your Empress.

(Take this time to moan and whimper in pleasure while “being gone down on.” Feel free to explore the scene. Improv as much, or as little you want here. Make this oral scene all yours. Personalize it. Feel free to run with it, and have fun with whatever you’re doing)

Make me cum with your mouth. Oh, yes… I’m so close. Make me cum. Make your Empress come, you fucking peasant.

Pathetic. Try harder! Your life’s on the line!

(Continuing to moan throughout, for several minutes)

There you go. (Shivering in pleasure) Now you’re doing it. That feels so good.

Yes, make me cum, peasant. NOW! I WANT TO CUM NOW!


(Very pleasured) What a good boy. You did your Empress well. (Pause)

(Breathless but sarcastic) Now you may breathe…

What’s that? You want me to do what? (Pause) Let you go? (Evil laugh) I did promise that, didn’t I? Indeed, well… (Pause)

(In a regal tone:) Guards, cut his legs off, and let him go. He’s free to crawl to safety, if he can… At least I kept my word, no?

(Long, evil laugh)

SFX: Fade out on the evil laugh


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