“Do you have a boyfriend?”
-I have 4 partners. My main, a dude, for +10 years, a girlfriend for like 8 years, and a waifu for years now. Lost count. The fourth is a non-binary trans person who is asexual, and our relationship is strictly romantic.

“Are you looking?”
-No. Never. It comes naturally, or not at all. I love me an organic, all natural relationship that isn’t forced or the byproduct of having had to look. Looking for love is looking for trouble. Let that shit just happen, my dude.

-I’m not picky. Pick one for me, and we’ll go with that.

“Why did you start recording?”
-I was told I wasn’t sexy enough. Never tell me I’m not that bitch. I’ll look you in the eyes while proving you wrong, each and every time.

“Primary kinks?”
-Pain, slapping, force, violence, kidnapping, snuff, age play, cannibalism, Dolcett, fantasy only beast play, crying, highly emotional content, dramatic scenes in pornos, breath play, exhibitionism, humiliation, name calling, etc.

“How long have you been doing this?”
-Nearly 3 years. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Feels like yesterday.

“How old are you?”
-Mid 30’s at the time of writing this.

“What’s the best part of doing this?”
-It’s still a trip to hear myself in audio, even two years after starting. Sometimes, the best part is just hearing myself improve with each audio.

“What’s your real job?”
-A former carnie, I’m am now an unemployed stage based foley artist.

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