[F4A] “Vault 77: One Molly, and a Crate Full of Puppets” [Script]

By: MollyMolotov666

[Fallout 3] [Puppets] [Multiple Sex Scenes] [Suspense] [Romance] [Comedy] [Horror] [Erotic] [SFX]


Left alone to build a literal kingdom of puppets

The most powerful puppet in Mollyville

The town reverend, sheriff, and resident good boy

The town elder and wise woman

Former butcher / Currently guards the King

Former farmer / Currently guards the King

The love interest

Town doctor and master surgeon

Doctor Frog’s head nurse

Doctor Frog’s ER Nurse

A rogue puppet

SFX: Recorder clicks on

(Shaken and anxiety riddled) Daily Log Number 330: It’s been well over a year, and I’m still alone. When I signed up for Vault 77, I had naturally assumed that should the nukes drop, that I wouldn’t be stuck here alone.

(Sad and lonely in tone) I thought there’d be other survivors, too. There isn’t. It’s just me. I have enough rations to keep me for years longer, but I think I’m going insane.

(Sad and bitter about her situation) Solitary confinement is an ugly look on me. I haven’t talked to anyone since… since… the end of the world.

(Scared) What if I’m the only person left? What if I’m really alone. I might as well die, honestly. I hate this. I can’t stand the idea that this could be it for me. That I’m truly alone in the world. I’d give anything, anything at all for a companion.

Or at least a way out. There’s got me something left outside. There just has to be.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Excited) Daily Log Number 331: I was digging through the supply crates, looking for surplus socks and I came across the most interesting box.

(In awe) Labeled “P13X U.S. GOVERNMENT ISSUE PUPPET RATION,” I opened the box in curiosity, and was not disappointed by what I had found…

(Smiles in her voice) Puppets. Hundreds of them. Maybe a thousand. I haven’t counted them. They’re kinda cute, really. I’m holding the King right now, and he’s a regal looking little guy, too.

(Relieved) I’m sort of relieved to see them. I needed this. God, I needed this.

(Sadly) I mean, these are the first faces I’ve seen in over a year now. I’m thankful, as odd as that sounds. Especially Reverend Hound. He’s so precious. A little hound dog puppet in a reverend’s collar. Oh, and there’s Grandmother. She’s an elder puppet.

(Amused) Call me crazy, but think this is going to be fun.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Filled with happiness) Daily Log Number 337: What a lovely day. I’ve started peopling the vault with puppets. It’s nice seeing happy faces everywhere I turn. It’s the most fun I’ve had since day one in this hell hole.

Rooms that were supposed to hold my vault-mates, once empty spaces, are now buildings in the lovely small village that is Mollyville. Yes, Mollyville. Named after yours truly. It was Reverend Hound’s idea. He said all cities are named after it’s founders, and I’m not one to argue with tradition.

The biggest, finest room is now the King’s castle. He’s presently ruling from his finely decorated throne, guarded by Sir Butcher and Sir Clifford the Corpulent. Sir Hunter was a butcher puppet, and Sir Clifford is a farmer. I gave them both promotions. After all, there’s no farm here. No need for a farmer or butcher, now is there?

(Hopeful) So far, we have a hospital, fully staffed with a doctor and three nurse dolls, a library with it’s only librarian, and a jail, run by its own sheriff and deputy, too. I hope to get more ready by tomorrow. What Mollyville really needs is a school. I think that’s next. I’m sure I have a teacher puppet somewhere.

I think I even might have found a companion among the puppets. I don’t want to get too excited. He hasn’t even asked me out yet. Fingers crossed, though. He’s Bus Driver Bill, and he’s very nice. Soft eyes. I hope he likes me, too.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Joy overload) Daily Log Number 341: I have the entire vault tricked out. We’re a fully functional town now. I’ve been appointed the King’s personal assistant. When he saw the work I had put into his kingdom, the King praised me for my dedication, and offered me the job then and there.

I’ve unpacked 891 puppets. Each has a home, a job, and a purpose in my lovely little town. I could cry with joy right now. This is all I needed… I just needed people to talk to, and now that I have it… (Sniffles) I just don’t have the words. It’s too beautiful.

Bus Driver Bill still hasn’t asked me out yet, by the way, but here’s hoping he does. I’d make the first move, but it’s been so long since I’ve talked to a man… What if I make a fool of myself?

SFX: Knocking

Hello? Yes? Oh, come in, Bus Driver Bill. Please. Take a seat. I was just doing my log about you… (Pause) One sec!

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Breathless with delight)

He asked me out! I’ve never been so happy! I wonder where he’s going to take us on our first date. I hope someplace nice. Preferably with a view. (Laughs) Who am I kidding? We can’t get out of here, or would have already. No… We’re all trapped here, but at least we’re making the best of it. I get the feeling that if I play my cards right, I might just be able to put an end to my… involuntary solitude…

I’m so lonely.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Happy) Daily Log Number 342: Mollyville is such a success. I can’t believe it. The vault has never looked so pretty. I can practically hear the laughter of the little child puppets as they run and play in the once empty corridors.

His Royal Highness has made a decree: I’m to be his royal assistant in all matters pertaining to the crown. My hard work is really paying off.

Doctor Frog has expressed concern that I’m overworking, but I politely disagree. The hard work of building our lovely town is giving me meaning and purpose. I promised him that I’ll report to him with any fatigue symptoms I might get in the future, but I’m not sure how honest that is. Frankly, I don’t want to stop working, even if I do need rest.

I’m having way too much.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Panicked) This is crazy. I’m going crazy. This is too much. We made love. I can’t believe we made love. It was so passionate, so weird… He was a full sized man for this, and I can’t explain how or why, but for our moment together, Bill was taller than me. And he was even made of flesh!

(Slowly becoming aroused) It’s so weird, but… that was the best sex I’ve ever had. It left me hungry for more… I needed more, but he said I had to wait, but I don’t want to wait… I want him now. I need his lips on my skin again. It was so real…

He is so real. You have no idea. I must seem insane, but he became flesh and blood, just for me. One moment, I was showing him around my room, and the next, he was tall, handsome, and very, very much made of flesh and blood.

(Passionately) I didn’t question it. I still don’t want to, even now. All I could do was let him kiss me. I had no choice. There was no fighting the need growing deep inside me. When he laid me back onto my bed, I offered no resistance. My arms wrapped around him. My legs opened.

His voice was like music to my ears. He whispered such beautiful words as climbed on top of me. I felt like a woman for the first time in over a year. As he entered me, He said “God, you’re so perfect.” I could have come then and there.

(Masturbating) Oh, the way he nibbled from neck to nipples as he slid into me with expert precision… He took me as if he knew I was his, unconditionally and without restraint. He knew I had fallen in love with him, and I could tell he needed to show me that he loved me, too. He didn’t need to speak. His actions told me everything that I needed to know.

I’ve had sex before, but this? This wasn’t just sex. This was making love. He was sharing his love with me. His flesh was a wordless promise. I knew love before, but this was more than love. I knew I had found the one.

(Masturbates for several minutes before cumming)

He promised me… Promised we’d run away together. I want to. God knows, I wish we could. I wish I met him before all of… this…

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Joyful) Daily Log Number 342: You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I have news. We’re getting married! He didn’t have a ring for me, so I’m wearing a piece of wire until we can get out one day, and find something more appropriate.

The King has issued a decree of celebration to honor our union. I’ve never been so excited in my entire life. It looks like things are finally looking up for me. Grandma has started making me a white dress and everything. (Tearful) It’s all so beautiful.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Nervous) Daily Log Number 345: Well, you’re really not going to believe this. We have a visitor. He’s a weird one, that’s for sure. I don’t know if he’s from the outside, or if I had forgotten to unpack him with the others, but Pip Boy isn’t like the other puppets.

Like, for one: I know I talk about the other puppets like they’re real, but I know they don’t actually talk to me. I’m basically playing the adult version of dolls with them to keep sane in the isolation, but Pip Boy actually talks to me. I heard his voice and everything.

I think I might be actually going insane?

What’s that, Grandma? Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me. Grandma says to also note that he doesn’t act like the others. I can control the others. I pick the others up to move. I speak for them. Pip Boy doesn’t need me to move. He just sort of… does whatever he wants, and it’s off putting to say the least.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

Bus Driver Bill, my fiance, has expressed a desire that I stay away from Pip Boy. He says he doesn’t trust him. Neither do I. Frankly, he’s started… leering at me inappropriately. During the King’s daily speech, I couldn’t seem to shake the wandering eyes of the Pip Boy puppet, and it didn’t go unnoticed. I fear that if I don’t stay away from him, he’s going to cost me everything I have. I haven’t been a part of Mollyville for long, and I have no intention of throwing it away.

SFX: Knocking

Come in…

SFX: Door opens, closes and locks

Pip Boy! No! You can’t be in here. What if my fiance… (Is interrupted) What do you mean? (Pause) Why would you say that? (Pause) I do not! You are so wrong! I only have eyes for… Stop! No! Don’t!

(Forced kissing) You’re insane! No! It doesn’t matter how I feel! I’m loyal! (Moans in pleasure) You’re… real? You changed! You’re… human? For me? We mustn’t. We can’t! (Moans) Promise not to tell anyone if we do?

SFX: Long, passionate sex scene to orgasm

Don’t tell anyone this happened, and it can’t happen again, okay, Pip Boy? I love my future husband, and I feel so ashamed right now…

Oh shit, I left the recorder on!

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on

(Sniffles) Daily Log Number 345: Pip Boy won’t leave me alone. He’s everywhere I turn. I fear he’s going to tell Bus Driver Bill about what happened. I’ve made such a terrible error in getting involved with that bastard.

I’ve never been so scared. What is his end game? What on earth does he want from me? I’m too scared to ask. I’m terrified of his answer.

SFX: Door opens

Pip Boy! You can’t be here! Go away! (Pause) I don’t want a present. No. It’s weird. (Pause) What’s that supposed to mean? What’s in the box?

SFX: Opens a box

(Screams) Oh, god! What have you done? (Pause) NO! Not us! You! You did this! Why would you kill the king? How could you? (Pause) NO! You can’t be serious! You’d actually tell them that? But they’ll execute me for regencide! Why would you do this to me?

Go with you!? It’s either die, or go with you? The vault door is locked, you ass! (Pause) Unlocked? You are fucking crazy. It’s been locked. (Pause) Let’s say you’re telling the truth, you’re asking me to leave our fully loaded shelter. We have all the food and medical supplies we need. Why do you even want to leave? You don’t know what’s outside.

(Pause) Fine. I’ll take you. Just don’t tell them… that. You monster.

SFX: Recorder clicks off – Negative air for a few beats – Recorder clicks on / Night time in a forest ambiance fades in

He was right. The vault was unlocked. We made a run for it. Immediately, we ran into a snag. A monster of some sort attacked us, but thankfully, Pip Boy was well prepared for battle. We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for his quick thinking.

I’m hungry. I’m cold. I’m thirsty… The funny part, I’m happier than I have been in ages. This will be my last submission. Pip Boy and I are going to explore, and we need to be as unencumbered as possible in order to collect the supplies we need.

This is my goodbye. Goodbye to Mollyville, and goodbye to my old life. Both the one that was destroyed, and the one that nearly destroyed me… I’m leaving this recorder behind. Hopefully someone will listen to it, and know to avoid Vault 77. That vault drives people insane.

Coming, Pip Boy!

Goodbye… This is Molly signing out.

SFX: Recorder clicks off / Fade out ambiance


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