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By MollyMolotov666

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this initially for 1-2 people, where both parts could easily be played by the same person. However, if there’s interest in turning this into an ensemble piece, I can stretch it out to about ten characters.

This version of the script is for The Narrator and Cindy-Ella, with The Narrator mocking Clive repeatedly throughout, acting occasionally as his stand in where a voice for him was needed.



THE NARRATOR: (The Real Star of the Show) Your humble storyteller.

CINDY-ELLA: (Main Character) Abused step daughter and step sister. Hopeful dreamer. Sweet, but sassy.

CLIVE: (Stepfather) Cindy-Ella’s stepfather, and the father of Junior and Felix. Lust in denial.

JUNIOR: (Stepbrother) Cindy-Ella’s dickhead stepbrother. Felix’s older brother. Sadist.

FELIX: (Stepbrother #2) Clive’s second son, and Junior’s younger, dumber brother.

LUC: (The House Mouse) Loyal friend and only confidant to Cindy-Ella.

JUJU: (The House Cat) Clive’s dickheaded feline. Has it out for Luc. Hates Cindy-Ella.

PRINCE: (The Love Interest) Cindy-Ella’s ticket out of hell. Demanding. Regal AF.

TEENA: (Cindy-Ella’s Neglectful Mother) Deceased. Secretly murdered by Clive.

OSCAR: (The Long Dead Father) A good man in life. Now, just a plot device for a shitty writer.



SFX: Interior – The Family Mansion / Cindy-Ella is scrubbing floors throughout, occasionally dipping her brush into a bucket of soapy water before continuing / This plays throughout the scene until dictated otherwise.

NARRATOR: Once upon a time…

CINDY-ELLA: (Begins to hum softly throughout)

NARRATOR: There lived a princess. Well… she wasn’t actually a princess, but was practically raised like one. Her name was Cindy-Ella. She was born on the East coast with a silver spoon in her mouth. Mayflower stock. Old money. Her parents ran with politicians and social elites.

When Cindy-Ella was a baby, she had it all; Rich parents – Oscar and Teena, a huge mansion, and all the very best that money could buy. That was until her doting and much beloved father passed away suddenly of a heart attack.

When Oscar died, Cindy-Ella’s mother, Teena, was left lost and confused, with no idea whatsoever on how to take care of herself. The young girl and her mother mourned Oscar deeply and profoundly, but Teena needed to find someone who could take care of them, so she jumped on the first millionaire to look her way.

(Drully) Enter Clive. Apologies for my shitty impression of him but… (Clears throat)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Calling out to her from across the mansion) Cindy-Ella!

SFX: Foot steps practically stomping in rage on an interior floor.


CINDY-ELLA: (The humming stops) In here, Stepfather!

NARRATOR: Suddenly, our lucky girl wasn’t so lucky anymore. She was 18 and miserable with her new family. Clive was a bastard. Cindy-Ella had never met a bigger piece of shit than her new stepfather. The only people who could even come close were his two sons, Junior and Felix. Sadly, they also moved into the mansion she shared with her mother.

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Still yelling, but he’s closer now) Where are you?

CINDY-ELLA: In here!

SFX: Cindy-Ella puts down the scrub brush into the bucket with a soft splash.

NARRATOR: Soon, her mother stopped paying attention to Cindy-Ella. Every ounce of focus went to her new marriage, leaving the girl to grow up abused by her new step family. In the blink of an eye, years passed, and when she was 18, Teena passed away, leaving Cindy-Ella without her beloved, but distant mother. All the girl had left was her stepfather and two step siblings.

SFX: Clive enters, practically stomping in rage

CINDY-ELLA: Careful! The floor is wet!

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: Why weren’t you in church this morning?

CINDY-ELLA: I had too much to do. That chore list you gave me was 5 pages, with a 2 day deadline. I didn’t have a choice.

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: Stupid girl. Never miss church. Do it again, and you’ll regret it.


NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: And what are you wearing right now?

CINDY-ELLA: (Genuinely confused) Huh?

NARRATOR: Oh, no. He’s at it again.

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Yelling) THAT!

NARRATOR: She’s wearing a dirty t-shirt with holes in it, and a pair of shorts. They’re not even that short.

CINDY-ELLA: It’s what I always wear. What’s wrong with it?

NARRATOR: Unknown to the both of them, Clive was repressing some serious emotional shit. He didn’t want to admit to himself, but Clive lusted for his 18 year old stepdaughter.

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: You’re teasing me on purpose, aren’t you?

CINDY-ELLA: No! Of course not!

NARRATOR: When he looked at Cindy-Ella, he felt two things: A deep seated jealous of her youth and vitality… and all the men who’d enjoy her in bed. He knew he’d never be one of them. Not without raping her. But that was never Clive’s style. No…

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (In a rage) Come here!

CINDY-ELLA: (Whimpers and starts to cry)

NARRATOR: He was good looking, charming, and could have nearly anyone woman he wanted… Except for the uninterested and borderline disgusted step-daughter that haunted him so deeply. Cindy-Ella’s very presence haunted Clive… And he needed his revenge.

CINDY-ELLA: (Scared and tearfully) Yes, Sir…

SFX: Clive spanks Cindy-Ella violently.

CINDY-ELLA: (Whimpering in pain throughout until cued to stop)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Grunts obscenely as he spanks her)

NARRATOR: It’s been like this for years now. A cycle of mental and physical abuse that spins round and round, to the horror of our young lady protagonist. There was no help coming, either. Anyone who inquired about her was told she moved away. Cindy-Ella was forbidden from sending or receiving mail, or access to a computer.

The torture was contant and never ending. She was a slave in her own home, being slowly worked to death, and abused non-stop by people who were her family, even if only legally.

(Fade out on whimpering and spanking)

NARRATOR: (Silence during this line) And it wasn’t just by her step-father, either.


SFX: Fade in bird songs and morning nature ambience / Doing the dishes in the kitchen sink

CINDY-ELLA: (Humming to herself while washing a fork) Hello, Luc! How are you doing, my friend. (Pause) What have you heard? (Pause)

LUC: (Excited chirping – Actor’s Translation: Chirp as if to say: “DANGER! Your stepbrothers are coming and they look pissed off!”)

SFX: Luc scurries away quickly / Door opens

CINDY-ELLA: (Said with an intent on being kind, despite her fear of them) Hello, Junior. Hello, Felix. How are you today? (Pause) Was there any mail for me? (Pause) No reason to be rude. I was only asking. I mean, I’m just shocked that I don’t get any mail, like, ever. It’s a little strange. That’s all. (Pause)

SFX: Turns off the water and begins to wipe her hands with a cloth

NARRATOR: They’re liars, of course. What she doesn’t know is there’s a letter addressed to “Cindy-Ella and Family” currently in Felix’s pocket, waiting to be delivered to their father.

CINDY-ELLA: (Meek and scared) Junior, stop. Get your hands off me. I don’t want that… (Slight shrek) NO! Get go of me. Junior, please! Please! Stop! (Pause – Gasps in shock) What do you mean by that Felix? (Pause)

No, when you said ‘Dad said you can fuck with me, as long as you don’t fuck me.’ That ‘shouldn’t be worried because that means I’m safe?’ What does that even mean, Felix, huh? Father said you could fuck with me as long as you don’t… (Whimpers)

SFX: Shirt rips

CINDY-ELLA: (Cindy-Ella begins to panic) No, no… I don’t have many shirts! Stop… Don’t kiss me! Stop it! Ouch! It hurts to grab my ass! YOUR Dad beat me again, and I can’t even sit down, let alone have you pawing at it! Don’t hurt me, please, I’m begging you.

(Gasps – Whimpering in horror and embarrassment) No… No… My tits don’t hurt, but I just want to do my chores… Please let me do my work, so I can go to my room in peace. Your dad is going to fuck me up if my list isn’t completed by sundown.

(Breaking down and crying) Ah! Felix, Junior! No! I don’t care! I don’t care who’s a better kisser! (Being forced to kiss twice, fighting hard) No! You’re both terrible! Terrible and sick! (SLAP!) Get off me! (Begins to slap back) Just let me go, you dickheads!

SFX: CRUNCH! Her knee into Felix’s nuts / She runs for it / Fade out

NARRATOR: (Said in silence) Those bastard stepbrothers of hers loved to torture Cindy-Ella. Nothing gave them more joy than to fuck with their scared and timid stepsister, who could only cower in fear. They were addicted to her powerlessness. All she wanted was to never see them again, but at that moment, it looked like that might never happen.


SFX: Cindy-Ella is dusting

NARRATOR: Cindy-Ella was doing her chores, dusting around the house, when she could hear her stepfather’s booming voice calling for her.

CINDY-ELLA: (Calling out politely) Coming, Sir!

SFX: Dusting stops / Food steps running down a flight of stairs

NARRATOR: Clive has some rather interesting news… and is excited to torture his stepdaughter with it. He knew Cindy-Ella was desperate for any reason to go outside, and here was her chance. A Chance he’d never let her take.

SFX: Footsteps stop

CINDY-ELLA: (Excited) Really?! You don’t say? A ball? That’s so exciting! When is it! What’s the theme? Is there food? (Excited squealing, as she’s being told great news throughout the following. Don’t stop until stopped)

NARRATOR: Her evil stepfather goes into detail of the letter that was addressed in her name. Cindy-Ella and her entire family were invited to a social event. All local girls 18-25, and their families are invited to a ball being thrown on behalf of Prince, the 19 year old son of a local politician. He was homeschooled his entire life and I guess his father thought that Prince needed help socializing. The more Clive talked, the more excited Cindy-Ella became. But then, he dropped the bomb… She can’t go. They’re going to attend without her.

CINDY-ELLA: (Stop excited noises – Profoundly disappointed) Oh… Then why on earth are you telling me this? If I can’t even go? (Pause – Deeply in pain) What did I do to deserve this? (Cries out in pain) Let me go! Let me go!

NARRATOR: Cindy-Ella was heartbroken and beyond words, all she could do was stand there, her jaw agape in shock at her step-father’s cruelty.

CINDY-ELLA: (Angry) Well, congratulations and great job. It worked. (Tearfully) Anything else you want to ruin for me today? (Pause)

NARRATOR: If Cindy-Ella wasn’t already stunned, Clive made sure that she was left outright dumbfounded.

CINDY-ELLA: Are you kidding me? Go with you? On your arm? Fuck you! I’d rather not go at all! (She’s SLAPPED in the face!) No! I don’t care! Hit me all you want! I’d rather just stay here than go with you!

SFX: Fighting ensures, he slams her to the ground

NARRATOR: Clive’s next stroke sent Cindy-Ella to the carpet. He climbed on top of her, his eyes mad with desire and hate.

CINDY-ELLA: (Crying) NO! Why are you always accusing me of that! I am not teasing you! It’s a ripped shirt! Not an invitation! Your jackass sons did it! I haven’t had a chance to mend it yet! (Screams in fear) No! Stop pulling on it! Are you trying to peek at my bra?

NARRATOR: Cindy-Ella whimpers in horror

CINDY-ELLA: Don’t rape me, please… You’re a man, right? Real men don’t rape, remember? (Pause – Deep breath of relief)

NARRATOR: Clive froze. Cindy-Ella knew that was his button. Her stepfather had a moral code that he was better than rape. That women should want HIM. That if they don’t, there’s something wrong, either with him or her. He often decided it was her fault… He released her, and Cindy-Ella ran to her room. There was no lock on her door, so she pushed her chair up against the door knob. Then ran into her closet, curling up on the floor, knees to her chest. That’s how she slept for the rest of the night.

Her dreams were bleak replays of her beatings earlier in the day, with no hope that her waking hours would be any better.


SFX: Morning ambience – Good weather / Birds, etc. in the background / Door opens

NARRATOR: Next morning, Junior and Felix tried to come into Cindy-Ella’s room unannounced. When they couldn’t get in, they ran to get their father. The three ran back to her room and broke in, calling out for Cindy-Ella, who woke up and ran out of the closet with a terrified start.

Her step-brothers mocked her. Her step-father slapped her. The cruel cycle of abuse continued another day. After shooing his sons away, Clive shut the door, shutting him and Cindy-Ella inside her bedroom for privacy.

CINDY-ELLA: (Scared) What do you want? (Pause) Last chance for what? What are you asking me right now? (Pause – Shock) Don’t ask questions that you don’t want answers to. I mean it. I really do mean it. (Pause)

You don’t want me to answer that. (Pause) Why? I’ll tell you why, since you insist: I think you’re too old and too mean for me. When I think about you, the last thing I think about is dating you. (Pause)

(Cries out in horror) You asked! Don’t be mad at me! I told you that you shouldn’t even ask that! I knew that you wouldn’t like the answer! You’re just too old for me! Too old, and too cruel! I could only love a kind and sweet man who understands and needs me.

(Spat with rage) You’ll just use me as a slave and fuck me like a sex doll whenever you feel like it, but I’m not here for that. I’m a person. A whole human being, and I deserve much better than you!

SFX: Clive forces her kiss him

CINDY-ELLA: No! Do you know who I really want to kiss? Huh? Prince. He’s cute, too. Word traveled fast, even to me. Moment he became of age, and he stepped out into society, word got out how sexy he is, and I want to see it for myself… I like people my age. Not old people! (SLAP!)

SFX: Clothes ripping / A massive struggle happening on the floor between two people / Lots of hard slapping, and her crying out in pain in response / Finally she is subdued with a hard thump and a timed gasp

CINDY-ELLA: (Gasps) Clive, please! Stop! Remember what kind of person you are! It’s the only thing I respect about you! I love that you’re a moral man… I really do… (Pregnant pause and a desperate whimper, followed by a sigh of relief)

(Pause) Yes… Thank you. (Louder – Humiliated) Thank you… Sir. (Slight groveling here)

SFX: Ambience fades out


SFX: Fade in night ambience during a rainstorm

NARRATOR: Clive asked her to come with him one last time, moments before he and his sons were set to leave. Once again, Cindy-Ella said no. She refused to be his play thing, even after he presented her a dress and jewelry set, as well as a pair of shoes – All owned by her mother before she died! In a rage, he locked the outfit into a chest in his room.

Cindy-Ella tried to steal them back before the party, but anytime she got close to the door, Clive’s cat, JuJu would start bellowing like a police alarm. However, Luc, the brave house mouse, managed to use himself as bait to lure the cat away from Cindy-Ell’s stepfather’s room.

When the coast was clear, Cindy-Ella ran hastefully into her step-father’s room, and cracked open that safe with a crochet needle. Quickly, she got dressed, quaffed her hair into a lovely updo, and put on her brand new silk slippers, covered in rhinestones that made the small shoe look like glass. After putting on her makeup and jewelry, Cindy-Ella ran out the door, and into the garage.

Cindy-Ella then stole the keys to her mother’s old Porsche so that she could leave for the party in style. All she had to do was get home by midnight, so she’d have enough time to reset everything for when her evil step-family returns from the party.

Shortly after, Her step-family was on their way, themselves, completely unaware of the rough Cindy-Ella, who had disappeared into the night.

SFX: Fade out all ambience


SFX: Party ambience / Rainstorm in the background with light thunder and lightning

NARRATOR: She arrived after they did, being mindful to avoid them at all costs. The mansion guard let Cindy-Ella into the party without question. She was so beautiful that they never questioned that young, sexy woman belonged there. The party was exactly as she expected it would be. What she didn’t expect, however, was how Prince would react when he first laid eyes on her.

The young man had been ignoring the other girls at the party all night, but the moment he saw Cindy-Ella, he was smitten. Walking away from a different girl mid-sentence, Prince practically ran to the new arrival. She smiled fondly at the stranger who grabbed her hand, introducing himself with a big smile.

CINDY-ELLA: (Flattered and Embarrassed) Um… Thank you. I’m Cindy-Ella. Nice to meet you, Prince. (Pause) My family? I’d rather not focus on them… I’m sure they’re around, but I’m grounded, you see… I’m not allowed to be here… (Giggles) Thank you! (Shocked) A guard? Really? You’re mad! (Giggles)

SFX: Thunder pops / There’s a pause that’s filled with sounds of the storm / Wind blows for a moment before the Narrator resumes.

NARRATOR: Prince called over a guard to intercept any angry family, and the three of them disappeared onto the balcony. There, they talked for hours, but Cindy-Ella refused to leave sight of a clock. She needed to leave at midnight if she were to beat her step-family home. Prince thought she was weird, but exciting and charming.

As predicted, the moment Clive and his boys saw Cindy-Ella chatting with Prince, they started to come their way, but the guard performed a quick interception, basically shooing them away like raccoons on the porch. The two were then left in peace. He asked her normal questions, but she was elusive, dodging and weaving different questions.

SFX: Ambience continues / Clock ticking for a few seconds to show passage of time / Fade out clock, but maintain the storm ambience

NARRATOR: They were having so much fun that midnight snuck up on them quickly, and Cindy-Ella ran out the door, unaware that they were already spotted by her evil step-family. As she ran, her glass and silk shoe fell off her foot, but she didn’t have time to stop. All Cindy-Ella could do was run as fast as she could, just out of Prince’s reach.

The quick and nimble girl escaped easily into her mother’s car, and drove back to the mansion as quickly as she could. Arriving with a half hour spare before they were due home, Cindy-Ella carefully hid her wet gown, shoe, and jewelry in her mother’s things in the attic, then showered before climbing into bed in her pajamas.

The whole time, Cindy-Ella was completely convinced that she simply must be the most clever girl in the entire world to have actually gotten away with this. Tired beyond words, she didn’t even realize her eyes were closing the moment her head touched the pillow.

SFX: Fade out all ambience, etc.


SFX: Fade in storm ambience, played for a few seconds before the Narrator starts.

NARRATOR: Cindy-Ella was asleep when her so-called family arrived. The boys went to bed, but her step-father in law found his way into her bedroom. He stood over her, staring at Cindy-Ella in a blind in rage. Clive’s breath was deep and baited with hate and jealousy. He said:

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (In a mocking, but still angry tone – Bitter Jelly AF) “I saw you with him. Did you have fun wooing the boy? Is he as young and handsome as you expected him to be? Wake up!”

Cindy-Ella woke up, gasping in horror.


NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Mocking – Bitter Jelly AF) “You looked so happy out there with that boy. Did you have fun? Huh? You looked fucking beautiful, by the way. I knew you would. The blue matched your eyes, just like they matched your mother’s.”

CINDY-ELLA: (Terrified) Please… I’m sorry I went. I should have stayed home like you told me to… Please, please… (Interrupted)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Mocking – Bitter Jelly AF / Interrupts her) “No! I don’t want to hear it. I saw you with him. (Angry, sardonic laugh) So, it’s because I’m not some inexperienced punk, isn’t it? You want some snot nose kid to teach you about sex, don’t you? You could have me, and want that skinny little geek?” (A moment of angry breathing as Cindy-Ella answers him)

CINDY-ELLA: (Beginning to cry) I’m sorry… You’re my step-father. I don’t know what to tell you… I want to be with someone my own age. Someone who understands and loves me. You’re not it. I’m sorry. Please, don’t hurt me. I just don’t know what else to do but be honest with you!

SFX: She’s thrown to the floor / Struggle

CINDY-ELLA: NO! Please! You’re hurting me! (He force kisses her for a few minutes until she’s breathless)

SFX: Clothes ripping / Lighting and thunder pops

CINDY-ELLA: (Gasping and struggling as he’s forcing her to kiss him) No! No! No! Stop! Get off me! You’re disgusting! How dare you! (Crying and struggling throughout until prompted otherwise)

NARRATOR: Clive has lost his mind. Seeing that boy enjoy her company has broken his last link to sanity. Cindy-Ella smiled at Prince. Actually SMILED. It was a real smile. Not like the fake ones that she gives Clive when she’s trying to be cordial. This fact had eaten away at his brain the entire ride home from the party.

CINDY-ELLA: No! He didn’t kiss me! He didn’t try! (Whimpers and cries out in humiliation and disgrace) Stop! I don’t love you because I can never love you. You might be handsome on the outside, but inside, you’re cold and dead, and I can’t love you before you are empty and hateful, and cruel, and you enjoy hurting me. I can’t love anyone who loves to hurt me as much as you do.

(Slap!) YES! And because you’re too old! Is that what you need to hear! Let go of my chest! Why are you doing this to me? Ouch! My nipple! Stop! I won’t kiss you back! STOP! (Screams in pain) Why are you asking me that? Stop!

YES! Okay! Yes! I’m a virgin! I desperately want to stay one, too! What can I do? Do I need to suck your cock? Is that it? (He stops struggling with her out of shock at her words)

NARRATOR: Clive was stunned. He had never heard his step-daughter talk like that before. From below him, she could feel him harden against her, but there was nowhere to run. Cindy-Ella was pinned in place, and without means of escape. She knew that the only way out of this was to just give the pervert what he’s wanted this entire time; Herself. His step-daughter took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly. He watched her turn her head away from him and tense her body up as if to embrace for an impact.

CINDY-ELLA: Do your worst. (Whimpers as he rolls her over – Confused) What are you doing? What’s doggy style? I don’t understand… (Screams in pain as he rapes her from behind for several minutes) No! Why are you doing this? You’re a good man, remember!? That’s what you’ve always told me! You’re too good to rape! o

NARRATOR: To Cindy-Ella’s horror, it didn’t work anymore. She was fucked, and had no idea how badly until… just now…

CINDY-ELLA: (Clive rapes her for several minutes – She’s crying uncontrollably)

SFX: He spanks her while fucking her

CINDY-ELLA: (Crying out in response of her being spanked while fucked)

SFX: Spanking turns to beating as he fucks her

CINDY-ELLA: (Hysterical) No more! Please! Stop! (As she’s being fucked, he tells her he’s about to put it in her ass. She screams in terror) No! Don’t put that in there! Please! Stop! (Clive shoves his cock into her ass) Please! Please! Stop! I’ll do anything you say! Anything! Just stop hurting me there! (Relief as he pulls it out)

What do you mean… (Interrupted by a cock shoved in her mouth – Forced to gag on his cock until he blows all over her tear-soaked face – Sobbing throughout the Narrator’s next part)

NARRATOR: All Cindy-Ella could do was cry at the feet of her step-father squeezed out the last bit of cum from his cock and rubbed it in her hair with a sickening smirk.

SFX: Ambience fades out


NARRATOR: That night, Clive slept in Cindy-Ella’s bed, and forced her against him, both still nude from the violent attack from before. After making sure he was actually asleep, the young lady slipped out of his arms and slinked as quietly as she could down the stairs. Quickly, Cindy-Ella grabbed her step-father’s large jacket out of the coat closet, and she covered herself and before bolting swiftly to the exit.

However, before she could even make it to the front door, she heard something that made her heart stop. It was Junior and Felix. They had heard the commotion, and were waiting like hyenas for their scraps from their father’s kill. Before Cindy-Ella knew what was happening, she was cornered and unable to run.

CINDY-ELLA: (Tearfully) Felix! Junior! Please! No… Not you, too! Please…

SFX: Commotion of three people fighting – Cindy is thrown to the floor

CINDY-ELLA: Please, don’t hurt me! No! (She is stripped again, and this time Felix fucks her mouth while Junior rapes her pussy from behind for a few minutes) No! Stop! (Gags) Felix, stop! Don’t put that in my mouth! (Gags and is forced to suck his dick – This continues for several minutes) NO! Not my ass, Junior! No! (Screams but is silenced when gagging on cock. They fuck her until they cum inside her; Junior in her ass, and Felix in her mouth – Pleading for mercy) Please, please, I just want to leave! I don’t want to be here… Let me go. Let me GO! No!

SFX: She’s dragged off, kicking and screaming – Door slams shut behind her / Cut all ambience and sound / Total silence for a few beats before the narrator starts again.

NARRATOR: Morning rolled around, and Cindy-Ella was locked away for hours before dragged out of the closet by her step brothers, who proceeded to tie her to a chair in the kitchen. Her step-father loomed over the young lady like she was a steak on his plate, a pair of scissors in hand. As punishment for her vanity, he proceeded to cut up every last one of her mother’s lovely dresses, right in front of the hysterical girl. Then, he told Cindy-Ella his evil plan:

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Sadistically in tone) “Prince came looking for you this morning. I told him you already left. He intends to find you, of course, so here’s the plan: We’re going to hide you. Your mother’s crypt will work nicely. They’ll never look for you in the family vaults.

CINDY-ELLA: (Sobs wordlessly)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: Nobody will be able to hear you scream, either.

CINDY-ELLA: (Tearfully) How long will I be down there?

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: For as long as I say so. It’s going to be a long time before you see sunlight again, Princess.

CINDY-ELLA: (Terrified – Cowering) What are you going to do to me?

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: (Sinister tone) I’m going to have fun fucking your on top of your mother’s casket.

CINDY-ELLA: (Tearfully – Earnestly trying to remind him of his own moral code) But you’re better than that, Clive! What about your honor and… (SLAP! – Gasp!) I’m sorry! I… (Winces like he had just put his hand up to hit her as a ‘warning’ to shut up) Don’t hit me!

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: You’re mine now. All mine. My boys can take the scraps of you I throw to them, but it’s only because I give them permission to do so. Nobody else may touch you. These tits…

CINDY-ELLA: (Gasps and whines as he grabs her breasts)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: And this tight little cunt…

CINDY-ELLA: (Cries out a little as he palms her cunt in his hand)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: And all of this is mine.

CINDY-ELLA: (Whimpering at being touched against her will – She’s trying to wiggle away but can’t do it.)

NARRATOR Quoting CLIVE: Tell me you understand. Tell me that you know that I own you.

CINDY-ELLA: (Hesitantly) I… (Defeated) I’m yours. I understand that you own me. (Begins to cry softly to herself)

NARRATOR: And with that, he told his boys to drag their step-daughter to the catacombs, deep below the Colonial-era mansion where she grew up. And Clive was correct: After a police search, no sign of Cindy-Ella could be found. Prince, who filed a police report, was furious to have come up empty handed.

And down there, Cindy-Ella lived alone. She was given a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a box of candles with matches to last a month. Food and water once a day. If she runs out, she’ll have no light or food and water until her supplies are replenished. This left Cindy-Ella starving and thirsty in the dark of the deep hole that had become her new home.

Once the search was long over, every few days, they’d take her upstairs to let her wash up, but Junior and Felix never neglected the chance to rape their step-sister after hosing her down like a dog in the backyard. They’d let her change her clothes, beat her if they felt like, and torture her to their heart’s content, but it was always back into the hole she’d go after they were done with her.

Clive, however, visited her rarely at first. He would only use his step-daughter to punch out his frustrations, or to rage-fuck her if was having a bad day, but soon, she started to grow on him. Cindy-Ella was sweet.

She was soft and scared, and everything else that sadists love in a victim. He loved it most when she fought back. It was so funny to him how much spunk she had, even after being tortured for months, only feet away her mother’s corpse.

Sometimes, even on top of it. He kept his word, by the way.

Clive raped Cindy-Ella right on top of her sealed wooden casket, face down and ass up, her tits pressed hard against the lid as he fucked her inches from his wife’s dead body in the darkness of her family tomb. The evil step-father loved to make his step-daughter suffer, and after months of violations and abuses, he said the one thing that would break the girl’s mind in two.

While balls deep in her ass, her face pressed against her mom’s casket, he said “I murdered your mom down here, except it was her mother’s grave… Exactly as you are… right now… so was she…” As he came inside her, Cindy-Ella shut down. No more screaming. No more fighting. No more begging. She just relaxed into the suffering, as if accepting it as a part of life now.

Clive wrapped his hands around her throat from behind and squeezed softly. All Cindy-Ella did in return was to close her eyes and pray to herself that he would actually do it. She truly wanted to die, but that was not going to be the end of her suffering.

One night, she was waiting for Luc to do his nightly visit to her tomb, but he was late. In the dark, however, Cindy-Ella heard something lurking closer. Something much bigger than a mouse. She lit a second candle to see, and it was JuJu… with Luc in her jaws, as if to show Cindy-Ella exactly what she had done to her only friend and ally.

SFX: Mouse squeaks to death / Bones chomping / Cat meow happly

NARRATOR: Before she could react, the cat had swallowed the mouse in two bites.


NARRATOR: Obligatory Disney Ending: Prince never gave up looking for Cindy-Ella, even though the police had years before. Determined to find his long lost love, he broke into the family catacombs and found her, curled up in her sleeping back, traumatized after 3 years of torture. Prince picked the girl up, and carried her up the steps, and to the safety of his car parked just outside. Without hesitation, he bolted out of there, and took Cindy-Ella to a hospital.

Her family was jailed, and Cindy-Ella got her family estates back. She and Prince got married and yada yada yada. Happy never after, everyone. The End.


With no help coming, or any friends to rely on, Cindy-Ella simply gave up. She laid there, curled up in her sleeping bag, waiting everyday for another one of her step-family to come down and rape her again and again and again.

Prince eventually moved on and got married to a lovely girl. Clive remarries and the cycle continues. His new wife and her two daughters joined in Cindy-Ella’s daily torture. Junior ends up marrying Prince’s little sister, and Felix becomes a well respected lawyer. Everyone else lives a happy life. Everyone except Cindy-Ella… and of course poor, poor Luc.

Even JuJu got to grow old as a fat, spoiled cat. No justice fell on anyone. To be clear: They got away with it, scott free.

May seem unfair, but that’s just the way things are here, in my Fucked Up Fairy Tales.

Happy Never After, Everyone… The End!


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