“I’m Going to Fuck You Until You Love Me”

[F4M] “I’m Going to Fuck You Until You Love Me” [Rape] [FDom] [msub] [Sinister] [Threats] [Knives] [Abuse] [Brutality] [Breeding] [Humiliation] [Script] [Written by MollyMolotov666]

Don’t move. I drugged your tea. I tied you up while you were out cold, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just relax.

(Pause) Why? You wanna know why? Isn’t it obvious, you stupid boy? It’s because you just spent the last two hours ranting about your ex wife, when you could have spent the time being seduced by me! You’ve been ignoring me, you shithead! How fucking dare you!

There’s so much you don’t know about me, but I’m about to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget… Don’t flinch from me! (Slap – Fake sympathy) Aw, did that hurt? Fucking right it did, and it’ll hurt a whole lot worse if you don’t treat me right.

(Pause – Sardonic as fuck) Oh, no, no, no. (Laughs) You’re so confused, and it’s adorable. No. I don’t care about any of that. Money? I don’t need any. Sex? You’re in no position to offer me sex. I’ll take what I want, when I want it. Power? Do I not hold all the power, as is? How cute of you to offer me that which I already have.

Don’t fight the ropes. It’ll do you NO good, I assure you. You’re stuck. There’s no getting out. I own you, my boy. (Pause)

No. I own you. Mind, body and soul. I’ll fuck you until you love me. I’ll use you until you like it. You’re just my sex doll… And it looks like you’re into it, too.

(Laughs incredulously) Then how do you explain the boner? Huh? You’re hard as a rock, my little fuck doll. (Gets on top of him) Don’t struggle. You know you want that hard cock deep inside me. Do you want me to make this dick feel good? Then ask for it. If you don’t ask, I’ll just assume you want me to hurt it.

(Laughs sadistically) Good boy. Fuck… It’s so big. I’m almost too tight to take such a massive cock. If you didn’t want me, then why are you so hard? You want this, just admit it. (Begins to fuck herself on his dick)

I’m gonna ride this big cock until you cum inside me, you got that? Gimme every drop of your cum. I want it. I fucking NEED it.

(Rides his cock for several minutes, moaning like a horny slut the entire time)

(SLAP! – Moans in pleasure) Aw, don’t like being hit, you fucker? Huh? (SLAP!) Yes, cry for me! Cry while I hurt you! While I fuck you! You’re my sex toy, motherfucker, and I’m going to make you cum!

(Rides him for several minutes) Yes, cum for me! Cum for me, you fucking piece of shit! It’s the only thing you’re good for! I’m gonna use you to get pregnant. You’re nothing but a stud to me, a stud used for breeding. I’m gonna breed with you, and you fucking love it, don’t you?

YES! Cum with me! Cum, you fucking cock slave! CUM!

(Orgasms together. A few breathless moments.)

Fuck. Good boy. Such a good little breeding toy. I can still feel you pulsating in me. I’m not pulling you out until I get every drop of cum. (Pause, evil laughter)

I’ll let you go once I’m pregnant. I promise…


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