Jinkies, Scooby! A Tentacle Monster!”

“Jinkies, Scooby! A Tentacle Monster!” [Rape] [Tentacle Monster] [Scooby Doo] [Comedy] [Collab Request] [Script Offer] [Looking for a Cast] [Cartoonish and Comedic] [Beastiality] [FFFMMM4A]

Co-Written by Doctor Em ❤ [u/emeraldd5]

VELMA: Jinkies, Scooby! We really stepped in it this time! It’s a tar trap!


VELMA: Shhh! Shaggy! You’ll lure in the… (Sound of the Tentacle Monster roaring)



SHAGGY: I told you we shouldn’t have gone alone without the gang! Now we’re gonna get raped by the monster! Zoinks, Velma! What are we gonna do! Scoob! Scoob! HELP!

VELMA: You know he isn’t going to save us! Not for a million Scooby Snacks. We have to think quick, Shaggy! Oh no! It’s too late! (Screams)

SHAGGY: Velma! No! Get your tentacles off her!

TENTACLE MONSTER: There is no escape from me! She is MINE!

VELMA: No! No! Not in there! Don’t put it in there! Or there, either! NO! OUCH!

SHAGGY: Oh, no! The humanity! I can’t look! Somebody help! Please don’t hurt her!

TENTACLE MONSTER: Get a clue, Mystery Inc.! You don’t stand a chance against me!

VELMA: (Painfully) Jinkies! (More pleasure, but still painful), Jinkies! (Moaning in pleasure) JINKIES! OH JINKIES!

SHAGGY: Stop! There is no way her body can take more tentacles! There is only so much those holes can take!

VELMA: (Moaning in pleasure, grunting back at being fucked hard in two of her holes by tentacles) Stay out of it, Shaggy!

SHAGGY: Velma! Are you having FUN?

VELMA: No! (Trying to hide her pleasure) Of course not!

TENTACLE MONSTER: She likes it, Shaggy. I can feel her tight cunt starting to get so fucking wet around my tentacles. See how she can barely contain her pleasure?

VELMA: (Her grunts intensify, as it’s clear he’s fucking her holes hard to make her cum) What do you want from us? I don’t understand! This can’t be your end goal! What are you stealing!? (Grunts of pain and pleasure)

TENTACLE MONSTER: Only thing I’m stealing today is your virginity! Tomorrow, I’ll take the deed to this amusement park from Old Man Jenkins! (Evil laugh)

SHAGGY: (No longer panicked as he watches Velma unable to control her moans at being fucked) Ah, man, Velma, it looks like you’re starting to have a really good time there…

VELMA: Oh, go outside or something! I’m on my way (Moan) to (Moans louder) solving this (Practically yelling) MYSTERY!

FRED: Don’t worry, gang! Daphne and Scooby are here to… (Fred, Daphne and Scooby all gasp at the same time before he continues) rescue you? Hey! What the…

SHAGGY: This is why it’s a bad idea to split the gang up, Fred!

DAPHNE: (In awe) Oh, wow! That’s a lot of tentacles!

FRED: Daphne, don’t look!

TENTACLE MONSTER: Do you want your friend back in one piece, Mystery Inc.?

FRED: Yes! Now let her go!

TENTACLE MONSTER: Sexy redhead, suck the dog off, and I won’t tear your friend apart from the inside out! Though, something tells me she likes it… Don’t you?

VELMA: (Is too busy moaning to be able to answer clearly)

SCOOBY: Ruh roh, Daphne!

DAPHNE: “Ruh roh” is right, Scooby! No way I’m sucking off a dog!

VELMA: (Screams in pain) Do it! Do it, Daphne, please! (Groans loudly as the monster goes back to pleasuring her, forcing more moans)

FRED: Good luck. I can’t even get her to blow me.

DAPHNE: Fred! You weren’t supposed to say anything! Ugh. Fine. I’ll do it.

TENTACLE MONSTER: Hmmm, very good! Good girl. That’s right. Good girl…

(Daphne makes gross out noises before touching Scooby’s dick)

SCOOBY: Ooooh! (Daphne is slurping on his cock, gagging, while Scooby moans in pleasure. Here should be a little chorus of moans and wet noises; Scooby being blown by Daphne, and Velma being fucked by the monster)

TENTACLE MONSTER: Come for me, Velma! Come for me!

DAPHNE: (Whimpering as she sucks off Scooby) Hurry, Scooby! Will you cum for a Scooby Snack?

SCOOBY: OH RAH, I CAN! (Eats a Scooby Snack and cums)

(Velma cums after, screaming in pleasure)

TENTACLE MONSTER: Yes, yes… cum you weak willed fools. Succumb to my power! Go now, and leave my land, or face a fate worse than death!

VELMA: We will, but first… Fred! Pull the plug behind you!

TENTACLE MONSTER: NO! (a female, human voice takes place of the robotic tone) No! No! No!

FRED: Now let’s see who this really is?

THE WHOLE GANG: Old Lady Jenkins? Co-owner of the Amusement Park?

OLD LADY JENKINS: How did you know?

VELMA: Are you kidding? There was a plug hanging out of your body with the longest extension cord I’ve ever seen.

DAPHNE: But why did she do this to her own amusement park?

VELMA: Mr. Jenkins was planning on throwing her out, taking the amusement park and all of their major assets, so Mrs. Jenkins concocted this crazy monster that goes around raping women to ruin business, making the park unprofitable. Rather genius, really, to use parts from the defunct rides to build this impressive Tentacle Monster costume.

OLD LADY JENKINS: And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you kids! And your dog!

SCOOBY: Yeah, yeah, that’s what they always say!

VELMA: Oh, Scooby!

(The whole gang laughs)

FRED: Wait, how long did you know about the plug, Velma?

VELMA: Heh… Don’t worry about it.

(Gang laughing again)



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