“Just Get It Over With”

[F4M] “Just Get It Over With” [Rape] [MDom] [fsub] [Angry Victim] [Shit Talking] [Violence] [Begging to Die] [Suicide Threats] [Options for SFX] [Script Offer]

SFX: A metro park at night

(Barely paying attention – Mildly annoyed) Huh? I’m sorry, what did you want?

(Pause – Calmer and more sympathetic) Change? Sorry, I’m broke, but I have an apple if you’re hungry? I might also have a granola bar around here somewhere.

(Pause) No? Okay. Let me know if you change your mind. I’ll likely be here for a few more hours.

(Pause) Well, it’s such a lovely night. I figured I’d sit out in the park and enjoy the night air.

(Pause) What do you mean by that? That it’s dangerous for a girl to be out this late? Do you know how creepy that sounds?

(Gasps in shock) Excuse me? (Pause – Angry sarcasm) Oh, great. Of course it’s a robbery. As if my life can’t get any worse.

(Even angrier) A knife? Seriously? Are you fucking stupid?

(Pause – Seething) Do I look scared, motherfucker? No. I’m not scared. I’m angry. Want my wallet, dick head? Huh?

(Throws her wallet at him) There. There’s my fucking wallet. It has everything in it, too. Go on, you piece of shit. Take it.

(Irate) You know what? I’m sick of this. Just fucking kill me already. I mean it. Stab me in the neck, you spineless piece of shit. My only regret in this life is being killed by a beta male with a small knife, but whatever. I’ll be dead, so it’s not like I’ll have much to complain about. So, just get it over with, assuming you’re man enough to actually get the job done.

(Hysterical) Let go of me!

SFX: A fight ensues. Narrator loses. Clothes are ripped off.

(Scared and angry) Stop! Let me go! Don’t rape me, you fucking creep! No! Just fucking kill me! Kill me, please! I want to die! Please, just kill me instead! Please!

(He rapes her for several minutes while she cries and begs for death – Feel free to improv or personalize this part to suit your own wants and desires)

(Crying out in horror) I don’t want this! Don’t pull it out! NO! I swear to god, I’m going to fucking kill myself! I want to die! I want to fucking die! I can’t live on knowing YOU’VE been inside me! You’re disgusting! Filth! The only way you’d ever be able to fuck me is to rape me, you piece of shit! FUCKING KILL ME! (Sobs in rage)

SFX: He beats the fuck outta her while raping her

(Sobbing and responding to being raped and beaten to a bloody pulp)

(Broken and quietly sobbing) Don’t do this! Please, just kill me… Don’t rape me. Just murder me. Put your hands around my throat. Squeeze. Do one kind thing in your life, and just murder me. I’m begging you. No more… Please… No more…

(He begins to cum, so she’s more energetic and filled with disgust) Don’t cum! I don’t want your disgust, corroded semen in me, you fucking swine! Fuck you… Fucking monster…

(Anguished) No… No… Don’t leave me here like this. Kill me first. Please, just kill me… No… Noooooo! Don’t leave me like this! You monster, you fucking monster…

SFX: Fade out all ambience and other sounds


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