“Mighty Joe Hung”

[FM4A] “Mighty Joe Hung” [Script Offer] [Rape] [Beastiality] [Collab] [Gorilla] [Human] [MDom] [fsub] [Size Difference] [Suspense] [Fear Play] [SFX]



LEXI – An intrepid young wildlife photographer..

BIG JOE – A giant silverback gorilla. Non speaking role. All grunts, roars and snorts.

SFX: Jungle at night / The sound of a pen on paper, writing a journal entry

LEXI: (Restless and nervous) Dear Diary: It’s been 2 weeks, and still no sighting of the mysterious silverback gorilla known as “Big Joe.” It’s known to be the size of two adult males of the same breed. Only one photo has been taken of the illusive creature, but it was grainy. I’ve followed the creature’s footprints to this exact location: 20 miles down river of the nearest village. I’m alone, huddled in for the night in my small tent under the stars.

SFX: A twig breaks / Stops writing

LEXI: (Nervously) Hello? Is someone there?

SFX: Continues to write

LEXI: Well, that was weird. I just heard a branch break just as I wrote that.

BIG JOE: (Growls in the distance)

SFX: Stops writing again

LEXI: What the actual fuck was that?

SFX: Begins to rain softly / Writing continues

LEXI: My imagination is running away from me. With any hope, it’ll be Big Joe himself, but I wouldn’t put my money on it. Nobody’s that lucky. I just want to get my picture and get the hell outta here. I miss the city. I miss Uber and bath tubs, and Doordash, oh, and I really miss…

SFX: Is interrupted by her tent shaking suddenly / Stops writing

LEXI: (Gasps when the tent starts to shake)

SFX: The tent stops shaking / Gun cocks / Unzips the tent / Getting out of the tent

LEXI: Who’s there! I’m armed!

BIG JOE: (Heavy, intimidating breathing and grunts)


BIG JOE: (Charges her – Grunts as he’s running, then a powerful grunt as he tackles her)

SFX: Joe takes Lexi to the ground with a thud

LEXI: (Sobbing in terror)

BIG JOE: (Grunting, snorting and growling to intimidate her)

LEXI: (Crying / Terrified) Don’t hurt me! Please… Good gorilla… Nice gorilla… Don’t hurt me… Please… (Gasps in horror)

SFX: Clothes are ripped off

LEXI: (Whimpers in horror as she’s stripped)

BIG JOE: (Soft but forceful grunts and snorts as he rips off her clothing)

LEXI: (Sobbing in fright) Stop! What are you doing? Why are you doing this, you fucking ape? Don’t bite me! Don’t bite! (Heavy crying) What do you want from me?

BIG JOE: (Heavy breathing and low, breathy grunting)

LEXI: (Crying, and confused) What is that? You’re… (Nervous gulp) You’re hard? You’re erect! You want sex? (Gasp and horror) Oh, no. Please, no. (Realization) I know what you want! Please, no… No… Don’t do this… (A struggle begins)

SFX: Struggle noises as they fight on the ground

BIG JOE: (Angry roar, followed by beastial grunting as he struggles with her)

SFX: The thump of Lexi’s body against the ground

LEXI: (Pained gasp at being thrown down to the ground – Moaning in pain)

BIG JOE: (Gratuitous victory grunts)

LEXI: (Dazed) No… Please, no…

(Joe begins to molest Lexi)

BIG JOE: (Growls in pleasure)

LEXI: (Still dazed – Tearful) Don’t touch me there, please. (Terrified) STOP!

BIG JOE: (Grunts as he hits her)

SFX: Joe hits her loudly

LEXI: (Whimpers in pain at being struck) No… (Horror) Is that your… (Terrified realization) That’s your cock? (Desperation) There’s no way that’s going inside me! Let go! STOP!

(Big Joe forces her mouth onto his big, wet, red ape dick)

BIG JOE: (Grunts in pleasure)

LEXI: (Gags and whimpers in horror as she’s made to suck his gorilla cock) No! Stop! (Gagging in disgust)

BIG JOE: (Gratuitous grunting as he throat fucks his human victim for 2-3 minutes before he finally pulls out and flips her over onto her face)

LEXI: (Gags and spits as she’s forced to deep throat the giant gorilla until he pulls out and turns her body facedown) No! No! Don’t turn me over! Don’t put it in there! You’re too big! Please! No!

BIG JOE: (Grunts as he starts to fuck Lexi with his giant cock)

LEXI: (Screams in pain as she’s being fucked doggy style by the giant ape)

(He rapes her for several minutes. This should go on for at least ten minutes or so.)

BIG JOE: (Lascivious grunts and snorts as he fucks his human victim until he cums inside her)

LEXI: (Begging, crying, and whimpering in disgust, horror and humiliation at being fucked by an animal. She sobs the entire time he fucks her. When he cums, she just lays there and cries for a few beats.)

BIG JOE: (Satisfied grunt)

SFX: Leafs shifting as he leaves her there, sobbing in the forest floor

LEXI: Oh, my god… Help! Somebody help me, please! (Sobbing) I’m bleeding. Please help.

SFX: Fade out on both her crying and the ambience


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