“Molly Meets Mr. Nansi” [Script]


TAGS: [F4M] [“American Gods”] [Seduction] [A God Seduces a Human]

SFX: Bar ambiance

I’ve seen you somewhere before, but where? Are you into theater? (Pause) Not from around here, huh? Well, are you in entertainment? I feel like we’ve met. I know we have, I just can’t place a name to your face. (Pause)

So you do know me?! Who are you? Don’t leave me in suspense. (Pause – Laughs)

Hold on… That suit. The turquoise is screaming at me. I’ve seen that color before, but it was… never mind. (Awkward laugh) It’s silly.

(Stops laughing nervously – Pause) Huh? (Pause) Yeah… Actually. I saw it in a dream. How did you know?

(Pause, filled with heavy nervous breathing and a few gulps of air to express shock) It is you… The spider. How? Why? Please, please, tell me who you are. Turquoise spiders do not exist. Men who turn into spiders DO NOT exist. What are you doing right now?

(Pause – Sputters in shock) Yeah! I am, actually. Wait, I know what this is. You’re a fan of mine, and figured out where my favorite bar is. Is that it? Did you get the info from one of my fans I’ve actually met with?

Bullshit. You’re not a mind reader. Who the fuck are you?

(Slowly figuring it out) Well, you know my porn name. You know I’m obsessed with storytelling…

(Scared but amused) Why do I suddenly feel the need to leave out an offering of spicy beans and rum? I can feel it. I know you. You’re the one I call out to when I have writer’s block. The spider that whispers in my ear in my dreams. I know you.

(Whispers) Anansi…

(Starstruck) Oh? Mr. Nansi it is. So, why are you here? Why are we talking right now? I seem so… beneath you. So small. You are the lord of all stories, and I only…

Huh? (Pause) Really? What is the purpose of that? Wait, I guess I’m not supposed to question the will of the gods, yeah? (Laughs)

You’re asking ME what I want from you? You know what I want. It’s all I ever ask of you. Give me more stories to write. More scripts. Imbue me with purpose and creativity. Teach me the way. It’s all I’ve ever asked, Mr. Nansi.

Yes, actually. Right now. I’ve been going through writer’s block for weeks now. Nothing I write is good enough. I’m lost in my own anxiety. Please, I beg you. Calm my mind and let me be your conduit. Let your words flow through my fingers, and out of my mouth. I need you.

Subject? Any subject. Whatever you want me to write, I will write for you. Anything you need, I’ll do it. You’re my eternal muse. Use me.

Yes, use me. Anyway, anyhow. I don’t care. Please. I don’t care. Use me. Fill me with words.

SFX: A soft kiss on the lips

Calm? How can I calm down? You’re you. When your muse comes to say hi, it makes sense for the heart to skip a beat.

SFX: Another soft kiss

Do that again…

SFX: A deeper kiss

I’m just a stupid white girl, though. An American. What does an African god want with me? I need you far more than you could ever need me. Without you, I’m nothing… Storytelling is all I know. It’s all I need. Without you, I’m an empty vessel. How could you ever need me in return?

(Gasps – Pause, with sounds of wordlessly being seduced)

(Filled with passion) Wow…

What can I do for you now? What do I write next? What do you want from me? I’ll give you anything. Do anything for you… I’m yours, Anansi. I’ve always been yours.

SFX: Fade out the bar / Fade in Molly’s bedroom / Door opens and closes

(They’re making out)

Yes… Make love to me… Show the passion I read about in novels, that I hunger for and yet can never find… Please… Lord Anansi, please bless me with your gifts. Make me worthy of you.

SFX: Clothes come off

Make me worthy, dear Mr. Nansi. I want to be worthy of you.

(They make love and cum together)

SFX: Clock ticks / Fade out Molly’s room at night / Fade in Molly’s room in the morning

(Slowly waking up) Mr. Nansi? You there?

(Sadly) Oh… He must have left after I fell asleep… Damn. Did that even fucking happen…?

Wait… I… I need to write. Oh, my god. I need to write, right now…

SFX: Scribbling on paper / Fade out


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