“Sins of the Sea” – Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: The Celeste

The Captain never wanted to leave my side, but when he had no other choice, I was left locked in his quarters, ordered not to let anyone else in. After my “mistake” with his First Mate, I was forbidden from leaving Wolf’s bedroom without him, and I didn’t dare to disobey him on this.

Sure, I liked to push him, but God knows, I had to be careful how far I go.

I was given three square meals a day, which included wine, hardtack, cheese and sometimes a hot stew, assuming we’ve recently raided a ship with such amenities. The ship’s cook was a miracle worker. Though I had once read how terrible ship cuisine was, I must admit that I had never eaten better in my entire life than I did on the Celeste.

The cook would leave a tray by the door and knock. I was then to wait a moment for him to leave before retrieving my food. More often than not, I would take my meals alone, but Renauld would sometimes join me for dinner. Otherwise, eating aboard the ship had started to become my quiet time; a moment to relax without being pawed at and manhandled by the Captain.

Sure, there were times when I welcomed his attention, but every so often, I would rather that he’d just left me alone.

Sometimes, I just plain needed a break from him. After all, Renauld could be overwhelmingly ravenous in his passion. He often stole what he wanted from me with zero consideration for my own needs. Then, there were the addictive, magical moments, when I could tell that my orgasm was far more important to him than his own. I often loved it when Wolf would take his time to devour me, mind, body and soul.

Regretfully, I didn’t have much of a choice when we were intimate, and even when I wasn’t in the mood, I found myself pushing, desperate to satisfy him. This was simply for the sake of self preservation, I frequently told myself, but truth be told, I actually loved him, and I loved to please him, no matter what mood I was in.

God help me, I hungered for him; both for the romantic he pretended to be, as well as the monster that he actually was.

Make no mistake: I was dancing with the devil. There was no denying it.

Regardless, I needed him, devil or not. Perhaps he loved me back, in his own way, but it was never lost on me, even then, and especially now, that I was simply a toy to him. Wolf used me to entertain himself while on that vast and lonely sea which he called home.

Had I ever stopped being a source of amusement, I’d surely have been done away with immediately.

When he wasn’t with me, the Captain had spent his time running The Celeste with an iron fist. He was a very stern and demanding leader, and his men seemed to greatly respect him for it. That said, my experience with the crew themselves was extremely limited during this time, mostly due to my incarceration.

During my forced imprisonment, I was never able to properly learn anyone’s names. I found this to be very regrettable, because while being kept like a cricket in a box, my only friends were Captain Wolf, and the crippling loneliness that was life upon the Celeste.

The only member of the crew that I knew for certain was that of the First Mate. He was called O’Doyle by the men, but Renauld simply referred to him as “Number 2.” O’Doyle was an intimidatingly large man, towering over his fellow pirates as the largest man on the entire ship. Not just in height, but also in weight and girth.

The first mate was built like an absolute monster, and as one could easily tell by the way he carried himself that the leviathan of a man knew full well the effect that his size had on the people around him. He moved like someone who loved to use his size and strength to get what he wanted.

Leave it to me to find him completely alluring, and of course, our Captain had quickly noticed my fascination. If I were wise, I’d have kept it a secret, but there was satisfaction in making him jealous. I loved how wild Wolf’s eyes would become whenever he commanded me to refrain from leaving his quarters, and I’d get so tempted to defy him, just for the inevitable punishment that my actions would bring.

God help me, I had baited him to violence so often that I am still praying to God for forgiveness, even to this day.

All it took was admitting to the secret that I found his First Mate to be attractive. Before I could take another breath, Wolf pinned me to the floor. He growled, snarling in my ear like an animal. You’d think I’d have learned from before, but I couldn’t help myself.

With his hot breath teasing my neck, Wolf whispered cruelly into my ear, his tone manipulative and dark in nature. I was reminded of the fact that I was now his property, and that I must forget about the life before him. I was threatened, by the pain of death, that should I ever give in to another man’s will, I’d be murdered on sight.

In his own words: “Your life was forfeit should you ever stray from his side again.”

I wasn’t given a choice, nor allowed a say in the matter. My body shivered as his facial hair tickled my neck. My Lord held me uncomfortably close to him, and though I wanted to flee, there was no way to run, no place to hide, and absolutely no hope in winning in a fight against him. I was pinned under his large, heavy frame, completely vulnerable to his dark whims.

It was then he said: “You’re never to leave my quarters again. Do you hear me? Never leave without me, or I swear to Poseidon, I’ll deliver to him a new handmaid.”

I didn’t dare doubt the Captain’s threats, nor question the validity of his words. I was well aware, long before this, how I was merely one bad day away from being thrown overboard. That, and that alone, was the only reason I didn’t fight him. I would have been a fool to push my luck this time. I liked toying with him, but there was a time and a place for it, and this wasn’t it.

To my horror, I felt my flesh begin to get goosebumps with anticipation. His threats had struck a nerve in the most shocking way. To my great shame, I was so aroused by the passionate way he protected what was his, because, yes, I belonged to him. I knew this, just as my dear Mr. Wolf did. The crew, as well. This was exactly why they obeyed his command to avoid me.

Everyone onboard knew my Lord and Master would kill anyone who would dare to lay their eyes on me, let alone their hands.

Mr. Wolf began to laugh, teasing me about how he could feel the heat radiating from between my thighs as I wiggled underneath him. Laughing, he bragged about how he could tell I needed him, and he was right. Still pinned to the floor, my eyes glued to his, my Lord began to kiss me. My legs wrapped instinctively around his hips, silently begging for his body to explore mine with wanton abandon.

It didn’t take very long for the Captain to have us both undressed, our clothes scattered haphazardly on the floor around us. His lips captured the tip of my breast, while a hand quickly found my bare mound. I could feel him laughing against my nipple as he kissed it.

My dearest Wolf then moaned softly against my flesh heatedly. “You’re so wet. Are you ready for me, my sweet?”

With a gentle nod of my head, he was inside me, groaning in pleasure. He didn’t move, and instead, he locked eyes with me. With an intense gravitas to his voice, my man then asked me a question that I never would have expected: “Do you like it when I scare you?” When I could only respond by blushing deeply, Wolf laughed darkly. “Answer me, or I won’t fuck you.”

“Please don’t make me answer,” I whimpered shyly as my hips started to rock against my will.

“No, no. Don’t give me that,” Wolf responded mockingly, his voice heated with desire. “You want this. You need this. I can feel you wrapped around me like a vice, twitching with desperate need. If you obey me, I’ll give you all the pleasure you need, and more. Answer the question: Does it make you horny when I threaten you?”

Wolf’s hand then pressed against my throat as he started to push himself even deeper inside me. Even then, he refused to rock his hips, forcing a gasp from my shivering mouth. “Answer the question, my little slut. Does it feel good when I scare you?”

After a moment of hesitation, I finally whimpered a desperate and breathless: “Yes.”

He groaned in satisfaction. “I knew it.”

Wolf then began to thrust into me, slowly at first, and in long, steady strokes. “You’re all mine. I swear to god, I’d rather strangle you to death rather than see you leave this ship ever again.” His thrusts became brutal, savage, almost cruel.

“My slave. My concubine…” he groaned possessively, his lips pressed against my ear.

His voice became dark and menacing again, mixing with the heat of arousal. “I’m going to hurt you if I ever find you with another man. Do you understand me?” When I didn’t answer, his hands squeezed tighter still, cutting off the blood supply going to my brain. “Are you scared, my love?”

I nodded, fear flooding my senses, but to my horror, I felt myself on the brink of orgasm. The harder he squeezed, the more brutal his thrusts became. My breathless gagging and Wolf’s passionate moaning filled the room as he pumped harder and harder, breaking me in like a wild horse.

“Cum for me,” he commanded roughly into my ear.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I could feel my tongue protrude out of my mouth as he squeezed my neck violently. With my vision beginning to fade, my senses were at their most intense. I was being brutalized, but saints preserve me, I loved every minute. Despite my deprivation of air, my every nerve felt heightened. I was so close, and I didn’t want to cum to this, but regretfully wasn’t given much of a choice.

As he unloaded deep inside me, I erupted in a wave of pure heat and pleasure. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. None of that mattered. It was like the lack of air had increased every physical and mental sensation. Only when he released his last drop did his hand finally relax.

Though he had let my throat go, Wolf didn’t move his body. I was pinned under his dead weight as he basked in the pleasure of climax. As my vision began to come back, I fought to catch my breath. Wolf didn’t move. He laid there on top of me, pinning me painfully to the floor.

“Please, Mr. Wolf, please let me up. You’re hurting me.”

He laughed. “Good.”

My pain was his pleasure, and this knowledge confused me. I was turned on by this cruelty, but also terrified by it. This man could kill me at any moment, and likely would one day. Why did I hunger for this madness? What was it about him that kept me so ravenous for his attention? I must have been going insane!

I could feel his member begin to soften, sliding out of me, but even still, Wolf didn’t move. Even as I tried to wiggle away, he just laid there, eyes closed, his face buried in my shoulder. “All mine,” he moaned, his voice etched with peace and relaxation. “You’re all mine to do with as I please, and right now, I demand you lay there. Don’t move.”

Of course, I did as I was told.

Despite the pain of his weight pressing me into his wooden floor, I laid there quietly, and didn’t move. My eyes were slowly filling with tears. Not because of the physical pain, but instead, with the horror of my current situation. It was finally starting to hit me. Saints preserve my soul, Wolf was right about me, I thought to myself. I was surely going to die on the Celeste. I’d never be free again.

I was surely going to die a pirate’s whore, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. For the first time since I had woken up on the Celeste, I felt truly in danger. Not of dying, mind you, but of living there for the rest of my life. At first, Wolf didn’t notice my weeping, and he continued to relax on top of me, practically falling asleep in my breasts. A few minutes passed, however, and he yawned widely before speaking.

“What vexes you, my love?” Wolf asked lazily, his face still buried against my chest.

“Please, let me go home.” My plea was short, simple and to the point, but he froze the moment it exited my lips.

“Which home would that be?” he retorted coldly, “Trust me, you don’t have a home to go back to. I saw to that personally.”

I gasped at the cruelty of his words. “Please, please let me go. I’m begging you. I’m pleading with you. Don’t let me die here.”

Wolf chuckled darkly as he lifted his head to look at me. “You are an ignorant, ungrateful whore. The Celeste is far more than you deserve. You’re just too stupid to realize it. Here, I can spoil you, pamper you, indulge your every whim!” His voice shook with rage, but mine did, as well.

“You’re a monster to keep me here!” I screamed tearfully, only to be slapped in the face hard enough to taste blood.

The Captain’s rage was palpable as he drove his fingers into my arms, barely able to control himself.

“Out there, you’d be begging for alms to feed the poor and praying over plague corpses like a fool! If God is real, where is he? Why isn’t he protecting you right now? Maybe, just maybe, I AM his will? What do you think, pet? Are you questioning God’s will by wanting to leave me? I mean, face it, if this wasn’t his will, why are you still on my ship right now?”

The sobs poured freely from my lips as he held me closer, his head resting again on my bare breasts. The Captain continued to keep me pinned down, painfully pressed against the floor as he tried to comfort me. Wolf’s rough and calloused hands stroked my back softly, but I failed to feel better by his weak display of affection.

I felt him take a deep breath, as if trying to calm himself down.

“Why must you make me so angry?” Wolf finally asked in a softer tone. “Just submit to God’s will, and accept your destiny by my side, love.”

I looked at him silently, deep in thought, trying to figure out what this mess was that I had found myself in. I honestly had no idea if I loved him or hated him. Maybe this was only lust? Was I actually losing myself to the passions of this rapist and monster, or was all of this a massive test from the Creator, himself?

Damn it all, I was a nun! A sister of the cloth! This wasn’t the future I had envisioned as a young orphan! My heart belonged to God. I was married, in spirit, to my savior, and everytime Wolf took me, I was being made to commit adultery against the very God that I had dedicated my life to.

The Bible was clear on this. I was to have only one Lord before me, but which one? My God, who made my soul, or this devil who owned my flesh?

I prayed then and there, with Renauld still on top of me. I asked the Lord above to clear my mind, and to give me clarity of what I should do. However, when Wolf noticed my praying, he laughed at me, shattering my deep concentration.

He whispered cruelly into my ear: “This is your home now, and nobody, not even God, is going to save you. You’re going to live on the Celeste. You’ll give birth on the Celeste. You’ll raise our progeny here, and I promise you, my love, you’re going to die here.”

I whimpered in wordless horror as he cruelly continued.

“Don’t dare try to fight me on this, as you’ll find that I’ll only make it hurt worse.” I felt his tongue slide over my cheek, stealing a tear as it rolled down my face. “If you were to run away from me, you’d surely die of poverty, working your fingers to the bone like a slave in the process. Why do that, when you can live here as my Queen; Pampered, loved, and worshiped like the goddess you are?”

Wolf kissed me softly before lifting himself up, standing over me for a moment. His eyes locked onto my naked skin, but when I tried to cover myself, he violently pushed my trembling hands away. With a quick pull of my wrist, I was on my feet and being led onto his bed. My Lord and Master covered me in his big, thick blanket, and crawled under the sheets beside me.

He let out a huge yawn before kissing each of my breasts. “My darling, The Celeste is your home now. If you fail to get used to this, you’re going to live, and possibly die, in regret.” As usual, he was likely right, but as he fell asleep at my side, I found myself unable to follow suit. Instead, I was fantasizing about freedom. Not exactly freedom from my dear Captain, but more so from the threat of dying on his ship.

Surely, he can’t keep me here for the rest of my life? I thought to myself silently, nestled in his arms like a doll.

Sadly, that is exactly what it seemed like Wolf was going to do, and I wanted to hate him for it. Pity, though, that I simply couldn’t. I, against my better judgement, loved the monster who kept me sequestered away to be used and abused at his will.

I was truly his, and there was nothing I could do about it.

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