“Sins of the Sea” – Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4: Friar Tomas

The weeks passed by slowly.

By day, I was locked away from view under the threat of death, left alone for hours on end, with boredom crushing what had remained of my spirit. By night, my mind and body was played with by a master manipulator of both. Renauld would torment me and pleasure me in ways that left my mind confused, but my body hungering for more.

Even when Wolf was hurting me, I felt an unspeakable lust that clouded my better judgement. My Lord was a sadist, and he introduced me to a love of pain and humiliation that I didn’t even know was possible. Shame overwhelmed me each time he’d make me cum during our cruel and twisted sessions, but that only motivated him to repeat it again, and again, and again, until I was left begging for mercy.

During such a session, when Wolf had me chained to his bed, there was a knock on his chamber door. Without stopping his thrusts and gratuitous moaning, my Lord commanded the knocker to enter. A very well trained First Mate kept his eyes to the floor as the Captain continued to thrust into me, moaning passionately. Wolf’s fingers dug themselves into my hips, forcing pained sobs from my clinched lips.

The First Mate was brief: “Captain, there’s a monk floating on driftwood, alive and seeking rescue. Permission to bring him aboard, Sir?”

“No,” the Captain moaned, and as O’Doyle started to close the door, I spoke up, stopping both men in their tracks.

My voice was shrill and filled with panic. “Please, don’t let him die. I beg you, my Captain, please, save him. He is a man of God, after all. It would be a great sacrilege to let him die.”

Wolf laughed. “I often forget you were a nun, my love.” His words might have been sweet, but he was mocking me. “Fine, fine! Number 2. Save the monk. He might have some valuables on him. Bring him to me after he’s dry and fed.”

As his first mate closed the door behind him, my Wolf held me closer. His lovemaking changed in tone. He went from pounding me and using me for his sick pleasure, to carefully unlocking the chains which had restrained my hands to his bed posts. “Such a good deed deserves a reward,” he crooned softly against my ear.

My beloved Captain smiled at me warmly as he kissed my neck. His lips left a trail from my throat down to my collar bone, and then, lower still, to my between my breasts. Wolf didn’t stop there, and kissed my belly, downwards even lower, to just above my most sacred of places. My love lingered there for a moment before gratuitously exploring me with his tongue.

My gasps filled the room. I had nothing to compare this new sensation to. “My Lord! What are you doing to me?” I exclaimed in both shock and delight.

This was a brand new pleasure. Not one I’ve ever experienced before, but it left me whimpering, squirming and begging for more. My fingers tangled into his hair, softly guiding his movements as he tasted me. My thighs trembled and my hips shook in response to the magic he was enacting on my most sacred body of places.

I whimpered, moaned, and wantonly rocked my body in unison to the way his tongue manipulated me. When the door knocked again, I groaned and held my Lord in place, silently begging him to ignore it, and to keep his focus on me. I could feel Wolf laugh against my mound at my sexual frustration, amused by my discomfort.

O’Doyle opened the door once again.

This time, we were informed that the monk had insisted on thanking our Captain as ‘soon as possible.’ He was standing at the other side of the chamber doors, just out of sight, awaiting an audience with the man who saved him. To my horror, the Captain ripped our blankets away so that I would be unable to cover myself.

“Send him in, Number 2,” he said to O’Doyle as I tried to wiggle away, but was promptly pinned in place.

The first mate then forcibly pushed the unsuspecting monk inside Wolf’s quarters, slamming the heavy wooden door shut tightly behind him. In shock, and horrified by the vision before him, he tried to open the door again, but to no avail. O’Doyle had locked it from the outside. Wolf then laughed cruelly as he gratuitously licked the side of my face, his heated gaze never breaking away from his terrified and humiliated guest.

The Monk visibly shuddered in discomfort as he hid his eyes in disgust. With snake-like agility, my Wolf had lifted himself up from between my legs, and I was violently flipped over, my face forced roughly against his mattress. Moaning loudly, I felt him enter me with a single, dehumanizing thrust.

A slew of emotions washed over me. As Wolf took me from behind, I trembled in shame, anger, and weirdly enough, pleasure, as well. I was completely lost and confused about what was happening to me. My mind was recoiling in disgust, but my body quickly became a slave to the impulses. It was like my instincts obeyed different rules than my mind did.

I didn’t want to like this. Yet, there I was, fighting the urge to give in to the insanity that Wolf had inspired in me. The Monk, confused and horrified, tried desperately to shake the door knob open, but the door was locked from the other side. I heard my Lord’s voice boom with amusement: “Come now, Monk. Where’s my thanks for saving your life? Are you being ungrateful, Sir?” Wolf laughed at his discomfort as he took me from behind. “Watch us, Brother, or I’ll kill her.”

I looked up just in time to accidentally lock eyes with the mortified friar. He was watching the scene before him, clearly nauseated with disgust and fear, but far too afraid to turn away.

“Don’t hurt her,” the poor friar cried out desperately. This only made the evil Captain pound into me even harder.

To my own disgust and horror, I felt Wolf’s hand rise, and before I could protest, it came down hard against my backside, hard enough to make me scream out in pain. The bastard was spanking me! It was likely just to further taunt the poor monk, I’d have wagered.

It worked, too, as the holy man finally averted his gaze, his face flushed with shame.

“Do you like watching?” Wolf asked the holy man in a cruel tone, but the Monk turned away. “Does she not appeal to you, Sir? Look at her. Don’t you dare hide your face from her. Do it again, and she’s as good as dead.” The sounds of him spanking me filled the large room. I began to cry in pain and humiliation, but this didn’t stop the painful onslaught of thrusts and strikes befalling me.

In fact, it only served to fuel Wolf’s carnal passions. His taunts became more menacing: “Tell him to save you,” he ordered, but I simply could not obey him this time. That was a step too far, and all I wanted was for this act of pure evil to be over. “Go on, beg him to rescue you. Pray to God to give him the strength to deliver you from evil. Go on, you little bitch. Do it.” When I didn’t answer, the beating only became more severe.

Before the Monk’s eyes, I was beaten, raped, humiliated and tortured all night long. I didn’t think it would ever end, but when it finally did, all I could do was lay there in his bed, curled up in a ball on Wolf’s feather mattress, crying bitterly to myself.

I was broken. Humiliated. Completely destroyed; spiritually, physically and mentally.

Despite keeping my eyes closed, I could hear the holy man across the room praying for safety. Not just for him, but also for me. Bless him, he was begging God for my freedom. This only made the situation so much worse for me. Wolf had broken him, too. The cruelty of it all made my blood boil, but I was too much of a coward to do anything, other than lay there, softly weeping to myself.

Moments later, O’Doyle was dragging the praying monk to the brig, leaving the Captain and I alone in his quarters. With the horror of the last few hours fresh in my mind, all I could do was stay curled up in a ball with my back turned to Wolf. I couldn’t even look at him. The shame was unbearable.

None of that would have ever happened had I not interfered, and I knew it. The Monk would have been better off dead, I thought to myself with great shame. When the Captain reached out to touch me, I recoiled in disgust. Wolf let out an angry grunt in response to my obvious disgust.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked, and all I could do was pull the blankets off the floor, and over my head. I didn’t answer him. Instead, I sighed deeply, feeling overwhelmed and confused by what had just happened.

It was one thing when I was Wolf’s one and only victim.

I had long accepted that this was a part of God’s plan for me, but damn it all, I simply couldn’t allow this to happen to another person. Even if the Monk wasn’t being physically touched as I was, he was still forced to see things that a holy man never should.

Well before Wolf had even fallen asleep, I had made up my mind. I was going to sneak out of the Captain’s quarters in the middle of the night to visit the poor Monk. Then, I’d apologize to him for the terrible things he, only hours before, was forced to bear witness to.

Most of all, I wanted to tell him it was my fault, and to humbly beg for his forgiveness.

When the Captain reached out to touch me again, I once again recoiled, whimpering that I just needed to sleep. Wolf clearly didn’t approve of my coldness and attitude towards him, but that didn’t stop him from snuffing out the candles in preparation for bedtime.

Pretending I was asleep, I waited patiently for hours until my Wolf started to snore softly from his side of the bed. I waited just a bit longer to ensure he was in deep slumber before making my move, but the moment my foot touched the cold floor below, Wolf had grabbed my wrist, pulling me to his chest.

“Going somewhere, my love?” he whispered, barely awake. His grip on my arm was enough to make me wince in pain, but I kept my tone soft and docile.

“I needed to stretch my legs, my Lord.”

“No. Stay with me.” Wolf’s tone was aloof, but somehow, still dripping with threat and malice.

All I could do was lay back down in his arms, desperate for another chance to get to the brig. However, to my chagrin, I found myself falling asleep, as well. By the time I had awakened, it was too late to run away, as the sun had begun to peak from behind the horizon line. With night giving way to the dawn, I had no choice but to wait until the next opportunity.

Luckily, I didn’t need to wait for long, because by noon, I heard the familiar roar of cannon fire.

The Celeste had found prey on the open sea, and was clearly going in for the kill. With all hands on deck, I took my opportunity, and went to get dressed. However, my clothing, oddly enough, was nowhere to be found. That’s when I realized something rather vexing: Wolf must have hidden them in an attempt to keep me from running off to see the monk behind his back.

Unfazed and wearing only a sheet that was precariously wrapped around my naked body, I carefully slipped out of Wolf’s quarters without being seen. I found myself wandering down a deep and thin set of stairs, spiraling into what could only be described as a pit of pure darkness.

My hands were clinging to the hand rails as the ship rocked violently during the nautical battle. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the Monk softly praying, his voice getting louder as I descended further down the stairwell. He went silent when my foot hit a creaky stair with a deafening squeak, alerting him of my presence.

It was dark. With no light, we both were at a disadvantage. With the sounds of nautical warfare in the distance, I took in a deep breath before calling out into the darkness: “Hello? I’m Sister Maria-Agatha. I’m sorry about everything happening to you. Are they feeding you well? Have you have water?” I continued down the stairs, and when I reached the bottom, I stood there quietly, waiting for him to answer me.

Finally, I heard the words: “Are you a sister of the cloth, my Child?”

“Yes,” I responded, “The pirates ransacked my abbey in the dead of night. I was taken captive.”

He paused and, in a solemn tone, asked me a question that made my very heart stop: “Oh, dear. From a month ago, I’d wager? I remember hearing about you. May the Lord keep you safe in this time of desperation and need.”

“Do you know what happened to my Sisters? My Mother Superior? What happened to the abbey? I know some of my sisters were killed, but…” I paused, and his silence told me everything I needed to know.

Before I could say anything more, the Monk spoke up again: “I’m Friar Tomas. I was on pilgrimage when our ship had a mutiny. The crew robbed the passengers, and we were thrown overboard. I had been floating for days. And to answer your question, I’ve been fed and given water, but who knows what they’re going to do to me.”

The sounds of battle started to wane. Either the pirates were winning, or I was about to be rescued, and I highly doubted the latter. “I must go,” I chirped, heading back up the stairs with a quick start. I had to beat Wolf back to his quarters, or I feared the worst. I ran as fast as I could, but to my horror, when I opened the door, my Captain was sitting on his bed, his belt in his hand. He was waiting for me.

“Shut the door,” he commanded. Shaking in fear, I did as I was told. My Lord’s voice shook. “Come here, you little viper. Now.” When I didn’t move fast enough, Wolf jumped up, and wrapped my hair around his fist, hitting me with his other hand, striking my cheek with rage. The sheet that was wrapped around me fell to the floor, and with a growl, he threw me onto the bed.

“Don’t hurt me, Mr. Wolf,” I whimper in fear, only to be answered by his angry, sardonic laughter.

“Where were you? Who did you sneak away with?” His tone was deranged and filled with a furious rage as he climbed onto me, crawling in between my legs like a stray dog going in for the kill. Wolf had thought I was having sex with someone else! Oddly enough I felt my heart at the accusation.

I began to cry, “How could you think that of me? How dare you accuse me of being with anyone else! I went into the brig to check in on the monk from last night. We’re both of the faith, and took the sacred vows. I feel a responsibility to him. Please, my Lord, please don’t hurt him. Can’t we please send him on his way at the next port, and not harm him?”

Again, my Lord laughed darkly, “You should be more worried about yourself, my love.” Wolf had cupped my chin, and lifted it up so that my gaze would meet his. “Did you let him touch you?” I tried to shake my head no, but his fingers were like iron against my face, holding me in place. “Did you know him from before? Is that why you want to protect him? Do you love him?”

“I don’t know him, and I don’t need to know anyone to care about them!” I was sobbing, closing my eyes tightly so that I didn’t have to look at him. “Please, I’ll do anything you want from me. I’ll never leave your quarters again, I swear it. Just let him go! Please, free him at the next port, and I swear I’ll never try to run away. I’ll never leave you, and I’ll be yours for the rest of my life!”

He paused. “Do you swear to God?” He looked incredulous.

“YES!” I screamed. “I give you my word. I’ll follow you to the pits of hell and back. I’ll obey you and worship you until my dying breath, but you must save the Monk. Please, please, help him.”

Shock and confusion was etched all over my monstrous lover’s face as I begged for the Monk’s freedom. Slowly, he lifted himself off of me, allowing me to crawl over the other side of the bed.

“I believe you,” he finally said after a moment of silence. “I’ll do as you say. He’ll be free in a month, when we reach the next port.” He paused. “Don’t get too excited, little girl. There’s a price.”

“I’m listening,” I whimpered in anticipation, my back to him as I sat on the opposite side of his bed as I pulled his blanket around my shoulders for warmth.

Renauld’s voice cracked with seething rage, “You broke the rules. You were not to leave my quarters. I don’t care about your reasons, as your excuses mean nothing to me,” he spat, “Those rules are for your protection. This is a vessel filled with pirates who rarely have access to women. Giving you free range of the ship would be the same as making you the ship’s doxy. You’d be public rape meat, and I can’t watch you all day and night! I can’t keep you safe unless you obey me!

“I’m sorry!” I cried, but he continued.

“You have no idea the danger you were in! You’re innocent, a simple nun from a sheltered life in servitude to God. Trust someone who knows what’s in a man’s heart, my dear, and I promise your safety on this ship. Ignore me, and you’ll be hurt and I won’t be able to save you!”

I had never thought of it like that before. My Lord’s eyes were filled with worry. He seemed truly terrified at the very idea of me being harmed, and it honestly warmed my heart. I finally felt loved for the first time in my life. I turned around to look at him, tears streaking down my face. “I’m so sorry I scared you. I won’t do that again.”

There was a sadness in my Lord’s eyes as he stood up, his belt in hand. “There must be a price to your insubordination. Next time you think of disobeying, I want you to think of this and reconsider your actions.”

My blood ran cold as my man reached over and pulled the blanket off my shoulders. Submissively, I walked over to his side of the bed, and Wolf pushed me into position, my hands on the bed, bending over, with my bottom out on display. I shuddered in fear, recoiling each time I heard him make even the slightest noise.

Before I knew what was happening, the first strike met its mark. The pain was electric as I screamed in pain. My legs started to buckle, but my Lord put me back into position, posing me like a doll. After barking at me to stay still, he quickly pulled his hand back, striking me. I could feel the welts starting to form on my backside as he reached back to hit me yet again.

Each strike made me cry out in pain, but I didn’t dare beg him to stop. Surely, he’d punish me even harder if I had. Instead, I buried my face into the feather mattress, and accepted my punishment with as much dignity as I could. After the eighth strike, Renauld threw the belt onto the bed, and he sat down next to me. I tried to stand, but he told me to stay in that position until told otherwise. Naturally, I did as I was told, feeling Renauld’s hand slowly riding up my thigh.

When Wolf cupped my womanhood, I began to feel real fear. He wasn’t trying to give me pleasure, nor was he playing with it for his own. He simply left his hand there, holding me in my sacred place. My Lord’s voice was hollow, filled with sorrow as he spoke to me. “I’m going to hurt you. I need you to remember my words, and when you think of them, I want you to remember the pain I’ve inflicted on you. Don’t move. It’ll only hurt worse.”

I screamed in pain as Wolf then grabbed my clit, and twisted it in between his two fingers like a bug. As much as I wanted to fight back and run, I did as I was told, and didn’t move from my spot on his bed. He began to repeat: “This is what happens when you disobey me, my beloved. Never disobey me. Remember this next time you even think about going against my word. Is that clear?”

My sobs filled the entire ship.

Usually, I could hear pirates outside, working and going on about their day, but the stillness of the vessel told me that the crew could hear what was happening to me, and had stopped what they were doing to listen.

Wolf then pressed my clit roughly into my body, milking yet another howl of suffering.

“I’m sorry, my love! I love you, and I’m sorry!” I cried, careful to not beg for mercy, but instead, to show how remorseful I was for my behavior. Once he stopped pushing and squeezing my anatomy with his rough fingers, I was allowed to collapse onto the mattress and sob. As I cried, my beloved Wolf held me close, stroking my hair to comfort me. His tone was still solemn, heavy with remorse.

“I like to hurt you, but not like this. This doesn’t feel good to me. Don’t make me do this again.”

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