“Support for Sex Addiction”

[F4M] [Sex Addiction Anonymous Meeting] [Hooking Up in the Church’s Basement] [Mild Sacrilege] [Script Offer]

Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there. I guess I was lost in my thoughts. How long where you standing there? (Pause) Yeah, sorry. I’m not… all on today. Been a hard weekend. (Pause) Yeah, first one… abstaining in three years. How about you? (Pause) Wow! 14 months! Well done! I hope I get there. (Pause)

Well, thank you for that. Gives me hope. So, how long have you been coming to group? Oh, I’m Molly, by the way. (Pause) Nice to meet you. (Pause, laughs) Well, am I so obvious? Yeah, it’s true. First time ever at anything like this…

Huh? Oh, well… My family got pretty tired of my… behaviors… and pulled an intervention. (Sadly) It is either I get a handle on the monkey on my back, or my whole family is cutting me out of their lives. (Pause)

Well, that’s nice of you, but I have refuse. (Pause) Well, it’s just a bad idea. I mean… dinner? We’re both sex addicts. Doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t be dating? (Giggles) Stop being so cute. It’s making it hard to say no. (Pause) Because the answer has to be no. (Pause, amused)

Are you literally picking up women at sex addiction group therapy? Seriously? I have to admit, I’m impressed by the gumption.

So, then, what do you recommend, huh? We’re in a room with other sex addicts. If we sneak off together, it’s a dead giveaway. (Pause) Basement, huh? Okay,well… (Pause) Me first. I’ll go to the basement and you meet me there a few minutes after? How’s that sound? Because it surely sounds good to me. You okay with fucking in a church basement, though? (Pause) Ohhh, you’re nasty and I love it. See you in a minute…

(Longer pause than usual) Anyone see you come down? (Pause) Good. Now take your pants off. Now. I need it. I haven’t sucked a dick in days, and I’m dying for hunger, baby. I need your cum. I need it now, and you’re gonna give it to me, huh? Fuck, I need this. I need that big dick inside every hole I have. (Pause) Huh?

(Pause again) You’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before? Well, you’re in for a treat, baby. You’ve never been with a slut like me before, huh?

(Long, deep kissing. Be as sensual as possible, moaning in pleasure) I need you inside me, baby, you have idea. I need to feel your cum dripping out of me, or I’m going to go crazy… Tell me you wanna fuck me… (Pause, moaning in pleasure) Yeah… Fuck… You’re so sexy, baby, please fuck me… Fuck me now… I can’t take it anymore….

(Lets out a moan of pleasure as he enters her) Oh, yes… I needed this… I needed you… All the way… God, yes, I need every inch of the big cock inside my cunt. (Let out a gasp) Like that, just like… that… You’re perfect. You’re so perfect. Now faster. Yeah, you’re so good… You’re so fucking sexy… Kiss me, baby, please… Fuck… (Improv making out and fucking for a few minutes)

I need you… in my ass… You ready, baby? Wanna fuck my tight little hole, huh? Spit on it. Get it nice and wet… Yeah, like that. Go on… Do it… Do… it… Please… You’re driving me crazy! Please, fuck my ass! I’m begging you! (Screams in pleasure as he fucks her ass) You’re dick is so fucking deep in my ass! Oh, fuck! I love it! Harder! Don’t be gentle with me! Use me, baby! Use my asshole to cum! I fucking love being used to cum. I fucking need it.

(Improv him reaching orgasm after fucking a minute or two) Cum in my mouth! Please! I don’t care if it’s been in my ass! Cum in my mouth! (He cums) You taste so good, baby. Fuck… Fuck, yeah. Thank you. I needed that… Go on ahead of me. Don’t let anyone catch you in here with me, okay?


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