“The Alien Abduction”

[F4M] “The Alien Abduction” [Script Offer] [Aliens] [Abduction] [Therapist] [Narrative] [Willing Victim] [Horror] [Fear Play] By MollyMolotov666

Hello, Doctor. How are you? Isn’t our meeting today?

(Pause) Good… I was worried I came on the wrong day or something. Your secretary wasn’t in, so I just sort of helped myself back here. Is that okay?

Cool. Just checking. Lemme take a seat and we can begin whenever you’re ready.

(Sigh – A few beats) Well… the nightmares are back, except this time, I remember every detail. The moment I woke up, I journaled everything while it was still fresh, and I am excited to tell you what I found…

(Pause) Yes, found. I meant what I said. Found. I found evidence about something that terrifies me, something that you won’t believe, but I ask you to keep your mind open, okay, Doctor?

I’ll start at the beginning.

Lights. I was in bed, when lights filled my room last night. It was so bright. White and pale blue. Sort of a strobe light, but not quite as fast. Then, (gasps softly) I saw them as my room filled with smoke. Small little grey men. Big black eyes… Long, scary limbs…

I had never been so scared, but I was frozen in place. I couldn’t move, even to blink. No matter how much the bright light hurt my eyes, I could not shut them. I was in a trance.

There were three of them, and the smaller of them had started to approach me. My brain was screaming for me to run, but my body refused to move. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t see straight. All I knew was this little gray man, slinking closer and closer to me as I was lying in bed.

Before he could reach me, however, I remember my vision fading to black. I fought the heaviness of my eye lids, but that didn’t stop them from falling, and just like that, I was asleep or out cold. I don’t know what it was, or what it did to me, but I felt dead to the world.

I don’t know how long it took for me to wake up, but when I did, I wasn’t in my room anymore. The walls and ceiling around me were metal. I was strapped into a cold gurney.

(Pause) What’s that? Scared? No. I wasn’t scared. I was… strangely excited. I don’t know how to explain it, Doctor. I just felt… excited. Anticipation. Desire. I don’t know what else to call it.

I saw them by my feet. You know. The aliens… They were talking rapidly in a language I’ve never heard before. A series of clicks and glottal sounds. I can’t describe it. It was then that I realized how naked I was.

(Growing more aroused) I felt my body tingle with anticipation as the little gray man’s fingers gently touched my foot before gliding up my ankle, calve, and coming to rest on my knee. I shivered in desire. In need. All I wanted was for him to go higher.

I felt this overwhelming need to cum. I feel it now, but I can control it. I couldn’t then. I remember it becoming an all consuming obsession. I wanted to be touched so badly. Those long, gray fingers teased me as they ran up my inner thigh.

It was as if the creature could read my mind because it quickly found my pussy. I was so wet. Dripping wet as it started touching my cunt, pleasuring me with it’s fingers. The moment it found my clit, my hips rose up to meet it’s touch. I was practically fucking the creature’s hand, but… I needed it. I needed to cum.

I remember begging it. I moaned and grinded against it’s touch like a whore. I’d say things like “please, make me cum” and “fuck me or I’m going to die…”

I meant it, too. I was sure I was going to die if that creature stopped touching me.

Another creature came up from behind with a long, metal prong thing. When he pressed it against my temple, I erupted… It was like an electric shock, but… pleasurable. Just thinking about it makes me crazy… I can’t control myself. I’m so sorry.

(Starts touching herself) I’d stop if I could, but it’s something those aliens did to me. I can’t explain it. I’m a sex doll now. I exist only to collect cum, Doctor. I’m a sex doll with a heartbeat, and I want you to use me…

I won’t tell you another word if you don’t put your cock inside me… (Kisses)

SFX: Zipper / Undresses

I need this. I need you, Doctor. Use me. Cum in me. I want it so bad that it fucking hurts.

(Passionate kissing) Put your fucking cock in me! DO IT NOW! (Screams in pleasure as he fucks her)

Use me… Give them a good show, too! You know they’re watching, right? Show them how human males take their females. Show them how it’s done, just like that. Fuck, your cock feels so good. I need you to cum in me, Doctor. I need every drop in my cunt. Please…

YES! Like that! Just like that! (Moans to orgasm) Yes… Thank you, Doctor… Thank you…You did great. The gray men are going to be very pleased with me. (Pause) For collecting the sample, of course! Thank you for doing your part… I’ll let you know what happens next.

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