“The Crossroads”

[F4M] “The Crossroads” [Fdom] [msub] [Satan] [Faustian] [Country Accent] (For @BigDaddyFox2! Congratulations for 666 Twitter Followers) [SFX Options] [Script]

(Ambience Throughout – Nighttime in the South; Crickets, cicadas, light wind etc.)

(Dismissively) I know why you’re here. You obviously want to learn how to play the blues.

(Pause) Well, why else would you sit at the crossroads, and with that guitar in your hands?

You ain’t the first to seek me out, human, and you won’t be the last, either, but I will tell you this: You are about to become the greatest, most famous bluesman to ever live after I’m done with you… as long as you can accept my terms.

(Laughs) What? Did you actually believe that you were going to get my favors for free, little man? There’s a price to everything, you fool. Especially when you want something from me. Everyone knows I have a steep price.

I ask for three things: your soul, your time, and your body. (Pause)

It’s simple. Your soul is mine after death. Your time before then is to be spent in my glory. You’re gonna use your fame to lift me up in the minds of other humans. And finally, your body. That’s what I’ll want first, long before I even think of granting you my dark favors.

Disrobe, human. Now. I demand that you show me just how badly you want to be a bluesman. (Pause) Yes, here. Nobody’s gonna come all this way. It’s why I only do business at these crossroads. Your dignity will remain intact, I assure you. Now, do as I say.

Excellent. Strip down until you’re not wearing a single stitch, then drop down to your knees before me.

(Pause) Now, offer me your finger.

SFX: Paper crinkling for a second as it’s pulled out to be signed

Don’t be a wimp. You’ve come all this way, wouldn’t it be such a shame if you were to lose out on your dream, all because you’re afraid of needles. I have to prick your finger to get your blood. Stay still.

SFX: Paper crinkling again, as if it a finger is signing it

There. Was that so hard? Now, sign this with your blood.

(Pause – Dismissive tone) Don’t bother reading it. All it says is that we’re both going to get what we want out of this transaction. Just sign it.

It’s a pleasure doing business with you. Now, to seal the deal, there’s one final task you must do, and you’ll then know how to play the guitar. The strings will become an extension of you. Music will pour from you like sweat, and fans will worship the very ground you walk on.

Go down on me. Take me into your mouth. Make me cum.

Don’t be so dismissive. This is a sacred, age-old ritual. One that is crucial to complete the pact. Have you not heard of the Dark Mass? Your body is the alter. Your last bit of innocence, the sacrifice. Give in to me, and become a god of music.

(Moans in pleasure)

SFX: Fire, hellish ambience in addition to the outdoors ambience

(There’s a long, sensual oral sex sequence that takes place here. The Devil moans and groans, lost in passion for several minutes. She quickly becomes lost in pleasure while receiving oral from the future blues man)

Oh yes, my dear human. Fuck, that feels so good. Keep it up, and I’m going to grant you everything you’ve ever wanted. Make me cum with your mouth, now!

SFX: Slaps him

(Angry) Faster, human. Show me how you please a woman. Do it. I want to cum in your mouth, you piece of meat. Yes… Like that. Just like that.

(Feel free to improv to your heart’s content. What do you think the devil would say here? Surprise me!)

I’m going to cum, human! Faster! More! More! I’m almost there!

SFX: Fire ambience increases

I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming! Don’t stop! Fuck! Yes!

(The Devil cums in his mouth – Is breathless for a moment)

SFX: Fade out Fire Ambience, but maintain the Nighttime Ambience

Very good, human. (Still breathless. Really show off the aftershakes of orgams here) You’ve done your part. Now, pick up your guitar. Show me what you’ve got…

SFX: (Optional: Play “Crossroads Blues” intro, by Robert Johnson)

Very good. Very good, my dear human. Your soul is mine, but the world is all yours. Do what thou wilt. (Demonic laugh)


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