“The Dolcettville Raffle” [Script]

[FMMMM4M] [Script] [Cannibalism] [Narration] [Dolcett] [Age] [Incest] [Consensual] [Snuff] [Vore] [Violence] [Gore] [Bitch BBQ] [Self Degradation] [BJ] [Anal] [Group Sex] [Public Sex] [Public Execution] [Butcher Machine] [SFX]

(Based on the comics by Dolcett. Feel free to change the name. I only use Molly as a filler here.)

By MollyMolotov666


A young teen who won a raffle; One where she’s to be willingly cooked and eaten by friends and family

SFX: Fade in – Night ambiance at the ocean / A roaring fire pit

MOLLY: I’m so excited! I can’t believe this is happening, guys. I’ve just won THE raffle. The big one. The one I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was little. (Proudly) The prize? I get to be killed and eaten at dusk. (Laughs) Don’t be so shocked, listener. I assure you it’s fine.

(Pause for a moment to focus on the ambiance for a moment)

MOLLY: (Happy) More than fine, really. You’ve gotta understand, there was a plague that wiped out the animals a few years back. Nowadays, when a girl hits 14, she is entered to do her patriotic duty and serve as meat for the others. I’m only 16, so I didn’t expect to win yet. However, when my name was called, I lost my mind with joy. What an unexpected surprise!

SFX: A few moments of the fire being stroked before continuing

MOLLY: Chef Dolcett is setting up the butchering machine right now. Basically, they’re going to drug me with meds to keep me alive during most of the process. Then, I get to strip naked, and lay face down on a padded platform that’s elevated over a box. My ass will be hanging out from the back, and they’re going to fuck me. I’m gonna get fucked nice and hard by everyone at the party first. Then, as I’m cumming, they’ll turn the machine on… They do it like that because the meat’s more tender that way…

(Begins to masturbate)

MOLLY: Knives are going to cut into my belly, and my guts are going to pour out into a tank. Chef Dolcett is going to then finish me off with a huge spit up my ass that’s going to go all the way through me, and come out of my mouth. (Breathless pause) I’ll be roasted alive and eaten by my family and friends… And I’ve never been more horny in my entire life than I am right now. (Panting in pleasure while touching herself) I’m such a slut. I love this. I love the idea of being fucked and killed for my meat. Oh, fuck. It’s almost time.

(Gasps in pleasure)

MOLLY: Chef is coming this way now! It’s time! (Pause) Yes, Chef. I’m ready. Is it time, then? (Pause – Giggles) That’s good to hear, Sir. (Excitedly) I’m ready. No, Sir. I’m not afraid at all. This is my patriotic duty! So, do you want me to lay down now, or maybe I can suck your cock first? It’ll be the last cock I’ll ever suck, you know.

(Begins to suck his cock loudly)

MOLLY: Yes, Chef. I want you all over my face. Please. I’m begging for you cum, Sir. (Continues to suck) Yes, Sir. I love being used. I love being a slut. I love the idea of you killing and eating me.

(Blows him until he cums all over her face)

MOLLY: (Appreciative of the face load) Thank you, Chef. (Giggles) Oh hi, Daddy! I didn’t see you there! I did just like you taught me! Are we ready now? (Excited) Yay! I’m getting on now! Don’t worry about strapping me in, because I’m not going to run. I want this so badly. My cunt is so wet in anticipation.

SFX: Gets into the device

MOLLY: There! (Pause) Who’s gonna fuck me first? I want nice and fucked one last time before I’m cooked and eaten. (Pause) Yes, Daddy! I want it so badly! Show these men how good you fuck your little girl! (Moans in pleasure at being fucked hard and fast until her Dad cum inside her)

(Still moaning as he pulls out)

MOLLY: Thank you, Daddy. Who’s next, huh? Who wants to fuck me next? (Moans excitedly) Hey, you’re cute. I don’t care what your name is. Just fuck me. Give me every inch of that big cock. Fuck me until I cum. I need to cum with dick in me. I need it so badly that my cunt aches.

MOLLY: (Moans in pleasure as she’s fucked) Who wants my mouth? Someone fuck my mouth, too!

(Gags as another cock goes into her mouth and begins to fuck her there, too. She’s now being split roasted by two dicks in her until they cum)

MOLLY: Yes! Fuck… That felt so good… (Whimpers in desire) I need more… Give me more cock. I need to cum so badly! Make me cum and kill me, please! (Gasps in pleasure) YES! Oh, fuck! Hurt that ass! Fuck it hard! My daddy’s been fucking there since I was 6! Don’t worry about hurting me!

(Moans in pleasure as she’s fucked in the asshole)

MOLLY: I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! Turn it on now!

SFX: Machines turn on / Slicing / Sound of guts hitting the floor

MOLLY: (Dying slowly and moaning in pleasure) Keep fucking me… I want your cock in my ass to be the last thing I feel… (Several minutes of her being fucked while slowly dying – Finally dies)

SFX: Fade out ambiance

MOLLY: (VO) Don’t feel bad for me. I wanted it this way… I was raised for this. (Pause) They BBQed and ate me, and I died the way I lived… just meat.


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