“The Donor”

[F4M] “The Donor” [MDom] [Fsub] [Vampire] [Fear Play] [Blood Drinking] [Blood] [Gore] [Goth] [Horror] [Supernatural] [Submission] [SFX]

By MollyMolotov666

SFX: Old door opens and closes

(Submissively) I’m here, Master.

SFX: Bat wings flying – Squelching “change” sound

Sorry I’m late, Master. There was traffic, but I’m here now. Sorry I made you wait. Are you hungry, my Lord? (Audible happiness)

(Sudden shock) Oh, my God, you’re so fast. (Pause – Gulps in fear and lust) How on earth can someone be so scary, and yet so sexy? Yes, Master, I’m ready.

(Pause – Nervously) You want me to… what? (Pause – Audibly shudders in fear) Fight back? You mean, like a victim? (Reluctant sigh) Are you sure this is what you want from me, Master? (Pause) Very well.

(Clears her throat – Unconvincingly fake) Don’t bite me, Mister Vampire!

(Pause – Normal tone) More? You want me to be truly scared?

(Unconvincing Acting) Please, don’t bite! I don’t want to die! (Pause – Disappointed) Still no good? Well, what else can I do?

(Pause – Intimidated) What is that supposed to mean? (Fear rising in her tone) I don’t believe you. You’d never hurt me. I’m the best familiar you have, aren’t I, Master? You’d never kill me.

SFX: Thump of her body being slammed against a wall

(With the air slammed out of her lungs) Don’t hurt me, Master! Please! I’m trying my best to please you. Don’t replace me, please!

(Whimpering) Yes, Master! I’m scared! You don’t have to go any harder! I’ll obey!

(Hysterical but convincing acting) Please, don’t kill me! Have mercy on me, please! Don’t let me die! I don’t want to die, please!

SFX: She’s bitten by the vampire as he begins to feed on her throughout

(Weak and scared as she’s being drained) Master, did I do good? Did I please you, my dark lord? (Moans as she’s being fed from) I love to please you. Pleasing you is the only thing that pleases me.

(Continues to whimper while being fed on)

Don’t let me go, Master, please. More. Take more. Every drop belongs to you.

(Whimpers as he stops feeding from her and pulls away) Master, why did you stop? (Pause – Disappointed) I understand, Master. I’ll be patient.

(Aroused, but weak from blood loss) Master? May I have my reward now? Please? (Whimpers in pleasure as he touches her) Yes, that feels so good. Please, please make me cum, my Lord. I need it so badly.

Master, please don’t tease me! Give me everything you’ve got. I need it. I want it. I refuse to let you leave until you reward my obedience.

(They make out for several minutes)

Make love to me, my Master, please. I beg you. I need your love. I need you.

SFX: Clothing rips

(She gasps in response to her panties being ripped off) Yes, my love. Yes!

(Gasps as he enters in roughly and begins to fuck her)

(Moaning) I’m unworthy of you, my Master. I’m in awe of the pleasure you give. So thankful you chose me to be your sex doll. I love it when you use me!

(Raw and sensual love making takes place between the vampire and his human donor. She moans and reacts passionately to her undead lover’s dark embrace. This goes on for several minutes. In that time, she’s moaning, whimpering and basking in her Master’s attention)

SFX: Another bite

(Reacting to being bitten again) Oh, Master, it feels so good. I love it when you hurt me. (Weaker) Yes, more. Take more, Master. Take anything you want from me. Every single drop of me belongs to you.

SFX: Biting stops

Cum for me, my Dark Master. Please, cum for me! Yes! (Whimpers in a crescendo of pleasure – Breathless for a bit before being able to speak again)

(Heavy yawn) Thank you, my Master. May I rest now? (Pause) Thank you. (Starts to doze off)

Hold me, Master, please, and don’t let go.

(Hesitant and tired as she falls asleep) I love you, Master… I love you.


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