By MollyMolotov666

TAGS: M/F Rape, Gang Rape, Supernatural, Cannibalism, Human Sacrifice, Revenge

GENRES: Supernatural / Horror / Smut / Gore Porn / Short Story

SYNOPSIS: A horny virgin bites off more than she could ever have bargained for

IMAGE: Boston during a terrible storm

I met Bixby on the Red Line train while heading to my apartment in Boston. He seemed so nice, so intelligent… I found myself being wooed within minutes of being in his presence. When Bixby offered to take a walk in the Boston Commons with me, I couldn’t refuse. We ended up spending hours talking about the many mutual interests that we shared.

We both liked social networking sites, for an example. Bixby told me about how he had recently been banned from his favorite one, “THE DARK SIDE SWEETHEARTS,” a fan page for a famous group of gothic, nude models.

He claimed that it was because he spoke his mind, and no one liked it. As thin as his excuse were, there was something about him I trusted. Bixby seemed kind and nonthreatening. Definitely friend material to me at the time.

When Bixby asked what I was into, I laughed nervously. “I write my own stories, and I role play online. There is this website that I’m on, kinky_board.com. They have a chat room on the main page, referred to as ‘The Lounge’. It’s where I do my role plays, while people read them as they are happening, or join in. Afterwards, I post it. My screen name there is Bijou.”

“What sort of role plays and stories do you write?” His voice was inquisitive, but I could tell that he like what he heard.

“You are going to think that I’m weird, but… I have a rape fetish.”

Bixby smiled darkly. “I guess I’ll see you there. It seems we have a similar fetish, dear Harley. I’m dominate, and have writing ability. Are you a sub or dom?”

“Here is where it gets complicated. I’ve a virgin. My fetish is, at best, theoretical. I am simply… curious.”

“Then, why are you still a virgin?”

“My first time is going to be on my wedding night. I just hope to marry somebody as kinky as I am.”

Bixby laughed out loud, “Oh, fuck me! You’re a Christian! When I was a kid, my Ma used to smack me for talking to myself.

She said it was sign that I was going crazy. I think she took the phrase, ‘I’m going beat some sense into that kid,’ a little too seriously. ” His joke was horrible, but I found myself cracking up at the little rant.

We circled the entire park, talking, until dusk arrived. I didn’t want to stop, but I needed to go. “Well, I really should head back.” I whispered, regret thick in my voice. “I have to go to work in the morning.”

“Actually, do you want to come back to my place?” I felt strange, especially when his hands started groping me. He was so nice before, but his current behavior wasn’t attractive to me at all. In fact, I found it revolting.

“I have a boyfriend. His name is Crow. Officer Jon Crow.”

Bixby wrapped his arms around my waist, and pressed his body to mine. I wanted to be sick. He smelled like cigarettes and Jergen’s lotion. “Oh, so you date cops?” His sarcasm annoyed me.

“Yes, so you need to let me go, right now, or I’ll scream.”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” His voice sounded amused. Suddenly, from behind us on the paved park trail, I heard a voice… a familiar one that gave me piece of mind.

“Harley! Wait up!”

When Bixby around to see who was yelling my name, I could hear the sound of his heart dropping into his belly. His groan was deep and aching as the short brunette in running gear ran to us. “What are you doing here? I never see you in the Commons.”

“You’re timing is perfect, Miri!” I sighed in relief. I looped my arm under hers, and tried to lead her away, but her stance was steady. When she made eye contact with the man that was harassing me, she gasped. The once confident and pose gentleman, had unraveled. All I saw was a scared little boy. His panic was obvious, and thick like cologne.

Sadly for him, that’s Miri’s favorite scent.

“Eww, why are you hanging out with Bixby? I thought you had taste, love.”

Bixby groaned dryly. “Miri Long. I haven’t seen you since high school.”

Her face was hard, eyes narrowing like a predator. “Are you pestering my Harley, you creepy little pest?”

I felt so uncomfortable. “So, you know each other?”

Miri wouldn’t take her eyes off of Bixby as she spoke. “You know Sue Royce, right?” When I nodded, she continued. “He raped her in high school.” I gasped in horror.

Bixby let out a roar that frightened me. “I DIDN’T FUCKING RAPE HER!” I tried to holding her back, but Miri broke free, and knocked his block off with a quick thrust of her fist. Bixby fell back, and hit the pavement with a thud.

“She’s a fucking crack whore now because of your sorry ass! You destroyed her whole life!”

Bixby held his bleeding nose, looking up at his attacker with rage in his eyes. “You don’t know anything! The bitch wanted it, and lied to save her reputation. Her drug use has nothing to do with me.”

Miri kept going, “He also used to claim that he was a witch, or something. Not like a Pagan, but like Harry Potter. If Harry Potter smoked crack, and worshiped Satan! This piece of shit is a damned psycho, and should be put out of everyone’s misery!”

“Oh, God, Miri, let’s just go!” I screamed as she kicked Bixby while he was down. My best friend grunted in triumph, and we walked off, my heart beating a mile a minute. For several days, I would see him randomly around Boston, watching me from a distance. He seemed harmless. All the weirdo ever did was look at me longingly. As strange as it was, I didn’t feel threatened. I kind of liked the attention.

I stopped seeing him after day four. To be honest, I missed my stalker. The sadness in his eyes when he would watch as I ignored him intrigued me. My mind, in vain, kept trying to pen-point the reason that he wouldn’t even try to talk to me. Curiosity nagged at me. I wondered if telling him about Jon scared him off.

If only he knew that my cop boyfriend actually lived in Columbus, OH… Truth was Jon and I only just started talking on kinky_board about 8 months ago, and had met only a couple of times.

Yet, we were in love. He was my master, and my boyfriend. From 800 miles away, he trained me off a pot habit, a bad boyfriend, and into a better life. I was crazy about my Jonny. He didn’t even mind that I was waiting for marriage to have sex. More than anything, he respected me more for it. We were perfect for each other.

Jon kept me very busy on kinky_board, screen name: Salem65. Several times a day, I would get raped and humiliated in The Lounge, by not only him, but male and female cyber playmates alike. One night, I was playing with my Master in The Lounge, when a new name appeared on the board.

“I bet the little lady would like that in real life,” The_Stranger typed in bright red, against the black back round of The Lounge.

“Doesn’t matter if she does, ” Master typed casually, “She’s going to get it, anyway. Isn’t that right, Pet?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hmm, she’s a good girl,” The_Stranger responded, as Jon described how he was tearing into my hide with a riding crop.

“Ohh? So you are the young lady’s real life boyfriend?”

“Yeah, ain’t that right, little Bijou?” Jon typed, his words etched with pride. Without another interruption, my Master finished with me, describing in detail how they left me prone and crying in our Lounge RP. Then, I checked my private messages while Jon posted the role play, and saw that I received a new one from The_Stranger.

“Bijou: I see from your profile that you’re from Boston. I live just off of Park St. I don’t have a lot of friends in the area, because I’m here for school. I’m originally from Utah. My roommate is throwing a party. Care to come? Beggar’s Night, Oct. 29, 9:00-? Call me at 555-0000 if you want the address. Earnestly: The_Stranger, aka Edward.”

I wanted to go, but when I told Jon, I was instantly forbidden. Usually, I obeyed my Master, but his was the one time I didn’t. Halloween was my favorite holiday, and I wanted a reason to get a costume. I loved dressing up, but Jon, as well as most of my friends thought themselves as too old to. I immediately texted him for the address, and went to the Halloween store to get whatever they had left, +because it was . After about a half hour, I found a kinky Alice is Wonderland costume that ticked my fancy.

It looked like the one from the Disney movie, except the blue dress was short, as in mid-thigh, and the bust line left little to the imagination. The little white apron fit like a corset, and it came with a garter belt, thigh high white stockings, and a black hair bow. There was a wig, too, but I already had the blond, shoulder-length hair, so I didn’t need it. I quickly bought a pair of black pumps, and I was ready for the party.

I arrived a hour late on the 29th, pulling up among the other cars parked outside of the address The_Stranger texted to me. For someone who didn’t have a whole lot of friends, he sure did manage to get a lot of people to come. Costumed attendees were scattered all over the sidewalk and front yard of the nice, one story house. I made the quick walk to the front door, and helped myself into the packed living room.

I found Edward immediately. He was a small, skinny man in a wheel chair, and couldn’t have been more than 18 years old, dressed in black, hooded robes. The moment Edward saw me, he started to wave. “Harley! How are you?” He made his way to me from across the room, offering his hand to me when he got into reach.

“I recognized you immediately from your avatar,” he seemed nice as we had small talk, though I thinking to myself as we spoke about how from his height, he could probably see up my skirt. My train of musings was interrupted suddenly by a voice that made my guts curl up in knots.

“You look lovely, dear Harley.”

Edward clapped his hands happily, “Nice timing, Billy.” I turned around. It was my former stalker, dressed as The Punisher, complete with realistic looking guns in very convincing holsters.

“Did you set this up, Bixby?”

“Kind of. Do you want to dance with me?”

I know now that I should have been ran. I should have jumped back into my truck, and bailed out while I had the chance.

Maybe I channeled Alice from my costume, because all I could do was think to myself, ‘curiouser, and curiouser.’ I didn’t understand this guy before me, with the desperate look in his eyes, and I wanted to. What was this guy’s issue? What was his fascination with me? What would it hurt to spend a little time with this poor, lonely loser?

“Actually, I was thinking that we go and talk.” My voice was nervous and shaky. He lead me out to the loaded backyard, and we sat at a picnic table. Like before, I found myself being drawn in to his strange variety of charisma as he spoke.

He explained his version of the rape in high school, much as I expected he would. He painted himself a martyr, and the girl, a harlot. Other than that, everything that came out of his mouth seemed true.

Sooner than I would have thought, the party started to dwindle down. The costumed attendees made their ways to their cars. “I ought to go.” I tried to stand up, but Bixby’s hand encircled my wrist.

Then, I noticed that there was about 4 other people in the room, and that they were all watching closely. Edward’s wheel chair blocked my only exit, the backdoor. The entire yard was fenced in with high, metal security gates, so I knew I’d never make it over if I tried. I was trapped, and the other party-goers, in robes like Edwards, were closing in.

“You’re such a nice girl, dearest Harley-Girl. I can’t understand why you’d hang out with someone like Miri. Now, you are going to have suffer the consequences, just like her,” Bixby faced the robed party-goers, “Well, boys, we have the last sacrifice, as long as she proves to be a virgin… Only one way to find out. Hugo, Leo, pin her down.” Out of nowhere, arms flew at me, and the next I knew, I was on my back, cold tile pressed to my exposed skin. Instantly, I regretted the revealing costume.

“Let me go, you monsters!” I screamed. My squirming did nothing to help against Bixby’s prying hands opening my clinched thighs. “Oh, God, please, don’t fucking touch me!” The son of a bitch ignored me, pressing his fingers inside me quickly, before pulling them out.

“Excellent.” Bixby’s eyes were dark and evil as he stared into my mine. His image started getting blurry from the tears, but I could still feel his gaze, eating away at my mind. “You are the luckiest of the sacrifices, Harley. It’s your tears that bring forth the Prince, and the sacrifice of your stolen virtue that cements him to me… it’s your fear that feeds him, and gives him life within me. You see, I am to be his vessel.”

“I don’t care! I want to go home! Don’t do this, Bixby, please!”

The smell of death hit me the moment we reached the bottom step. I looked around, and started vomiting on the spot. If the two men at my arms weren’t there, I would have fallen to the dirt floor. Miri… poor Miri…

My best friend was laying what looked like a makeshift sacrificial alter made of bricks. Miri’s guts and intestines were hanging, while still barely intact, from an upside-down cross hanging over her corpse. Her green eyes were open, wide with horror, telling me they did this while she was still alive. It took me a moment before I realized that I was being dragged to a clean slab, just like the one Miri was laying on.

“Just let this be over quickly, please,” I moaned.

Bixby laughed as the two robed figures tethered me to the brick slab, “This is long from over, dearest. You have until the 31st before you become useful. You see, starvation and the humiliation that you’ll be getting until then will prepare your soul for what is to come. You must be tainted before The Prince will touch you.”

I whimpered as he pulled out a dagger, and stood where he knew that I could see him. I clinched my eyes shut, readying myself for the blade’s cut, but was shocked when he went for my costume. Within seconds, my Alice dress was on the floor, leaving me in only my stockings and garter.

I was completely ignored as the freak began to undress. His robe dropped to the ground, as he stepped out of it, and started to climb between my legs. Suddenly, he stopped, his eyes getting tense.

“So, your hero is coming to the rescue, and with help. I can smell his fear from a mile away. He’s quick too, almost here. The man is good. I wonder how he found us. Oh, well. He’s too late to save you. Edward, start the incantation.”

“OH, GOD! Jonny! I knew he’d come…” I gasped, not even thinking about Bixby crawling between my legs again. I didn’t even notice he was on top of me until I felt the head of his dick pressed against my virgin opening. I was awakened out of my day dreams by cold metal press against my ribs, as Edward chanted something in another language.

“Cry for me, you whore. Cry like Miri did as I raped and gutted her,” Bixby whispered against my ear. I couldn’t help it. My tears poured like rain. Then, without another word, Bixby was completely inside me, making me scream out in pain.

The chanting continued as their leader raped me, biting into my breasts, my neck, even into my cheek as he continued his barrage of painful thrusts. My mind started to shut down from the pain and disgust. The last thing I noticed before fainting was the feeling of his wet, slimy tongue lapping up my tears.

I was awakened by what I thought was someone using a cattle prod on me. The first thing I saw when my eyes opened was Bixby’s eyes glowing red. I had to of been dreaming, I thought to myself, but rapist was still thrusting into me hard, but his voice was different.

He sounded like someone else all together, as he groaned in the pleasure that he was taking from me. Something told me that the man known as Bixby was no more, as the eerie chanting changed to something that sounded like celebration.

‘Bixby’ bit into my bare breast again, causing more pain than before. My skin ripped with ease, as newly formed fangs penetrated my tender flesh. “Please! Stop! It hurts!” I screamed, only to be answered by the amused laughter of the spectators.

The thing on top of me took another bite, this time drawing a chunk of my meat, inches from my nipple, devouring it as he thrusted even harder into my pillaged body. The bastard was eating me alive! Panic took over my mind as he took another bite, centimeters away from the first one.

The evil monk circled around the alter, and started biting into me, as well, as I was brutally raped by the possessed Bixby. I heard the sound of dripping, realizing that it was my blood hitting the floor beneath us. My head started to spin. Just when I starting thinking that I would never see my Jonny again, a big boom, followed by his voice filled the small basement.


“Edward, come to me,” Bixby crooned with arrogance in his new, demonic voice. The wheel chair hummed louder until I could tell that it was next to me. I forced my heavy eyes open to see Bixby’s hands glow as red as his eyes. He laid them on the handicapped man’s shoulder, Edward looked up at him like he were being touched by a god. “You have been a true servant, now reap your reward.”

Before my hazed gaze, Edward stood up from his chair, a look of sheer joy on his face. Suddenly, the elation was replaced by pain as he crumpled to the ground. The once lamed Edward began to transform. When he finally stood, the young man hardly looked like a man at all. He was huge, with muscles, and had two massive horns on his forehead.

I forced all the breath I had left in my entire body to scream, “Jonny, run!” Only to be drowned out by the monster’s terrible roar. Suddenly, I was dizzy, and couldn’t fight the darkness anymore. My eyes closed against my will. I knew that it was over for me the moment a bright light overtook the room, then, all I knew was peace… at least for the moment.

Pain brought me back around. Pain and hatred. I opened my eyes, and knew what I wanted to do. I wanted… No, I needed to kill anything I could get my hands on, and the first thing I saw was my Jonny’s face. He was cradling me in his arms, eyes inches above mine, crying. He was weeping so hard I doubted that he could even breathe.

Jonny’s face was cut from his left eyebrow, to his bottom lip. He had fought hard to save me. My mind wanted to embrace him, to kiss my handsome, wonderful Jonny, and tell him that everything was going to be okay. Yet, for some reason, my body had an itch, a painful itch that needed quenched, but not one muscle would move. I wanted to kill my lover, and the urge got worse with every passing minute.

“I’m… I…” I started, but Jonny interrupted.

“Sweetheart! Can you hear me?” his sobs turned from those of sorrow, to tears of relief. “Please, don’t die, my love… I only just found you, don’t leave me…”

I turned my head the best I could, to see the Edward demon, riddled with bullets, dead on the basement floor. The bodies and various parts of police officers, SWAT team members, and monks were everywhere. In the back corner, the two remaining cult members where stabbing the last law enforcer in the chest over and over again with knives.

Jonny cleared his throat. “Honey, we have to get out of here before it’s too late.”

Bixby manifested from thin air before us, still nude and covered in my virgin blood. “But it is too late. She’s mine now.

His eyes still glowed an ominous shade of red.

My lover scoffed though his tears. “You’re lying.”

“Want proof, you disgusting insect?” Bixby waved his hand, and I was full of energy again. I felt strong, stronger that I had ever felt in my whole life. Instantly, I sat up, and looked into my love’s eyes, desperately looking for a lost supply of self-control I had left.

“Go on, little vixen. Kill him, and become mine forever.” Bixby looked at me longingly as he waited for me to attack. Jonny started to slowly back away from me, standing up. “I see the look in your eyes. You want his blood. Well, take it. Kill him, Harley.” I looked into Bixby’s face, and noticed something that made goose bumps rise all over my body.

Horns, like Edward’s, were starting to poke out of his forehead, slowly getting bigger. “I know you feel the darkness inside you growing stronger. Feed your blood lust. KILL!” The sirens could be still be heard outside. The lights of cop cars danced from the opened door at the top of the basement stairs.

“Honey… you don’t want to do it,” my lover sounded terrified. I turned to Jon, and looked into his tearing eyes. I noticed the pain from the bites all over my body were starting to stop hurting. I looked at my chest. The wounds were healing at an amazing rate! I felt myself getting stronger and stronger by the minute. The two remaining monks stood by, watching intently.

“I know I don’t, Jon… I-I-I can’t help it.” I started to inch closer, fingers curling into fists before stopping, and dropping to my knees in agony. “No… I won’t hurt you, Jonny. Oh, God, I’d never hurt you.”

Bixby moaned in frustration. “If you want anything done, you have to do it yourself. Oh, well. I might as well make his interesting. After all, it’s so boring being a supreme being. I will need some entertainment.”

“Please, Bixby… let my Jonny go. Don’t let me hurt him. I don’t know what you did to me, but I’m going to kill you if he dies. You won’t live to see another Halloween, I swear, if my Jonny gets harmed,” I wept.

“You are not as broken as I thought you were, little Harley. It looks as if I need to up the game a little bit.” Within a blink of an eye, I was just as tied to a chair that’s been nailed to the floor next to Bixby.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” Jonny cried out. He started to charge us, but Bixby raised his hand once again. Jonny was hog-tied, laying on the ground so he had a good view of myself, and the fiend that had me tied up in front of the stairs, blocking escape. At the top, the basement door was wide open, and we could still see the lights of sirens shining through the windows upstairs.

“I bet you want to know what happens next Jon-Boy? Well, I have to break your little human girl, to make her what she should have been born as. Soon, she will be eating out of my hand, and you will die. I promise you.”

“Bixby… It hurts… Just kill me, please…” the bound blond whimpered, looking up at him just as he swung, making contact with her cheek bone again.

“Never call me Bixby again. That’s the shell’s name. I am The Dark Prince, and your master. Address me only as ‘sir,’ slave. I own you now.” Her little sobs of defeat made him hard again. “Look what you made me do, slave.” The Prince stood over me, and rammed his cock into my mouth. Jon started to sob, making him smile.

“Don’t close your eyes, Jon. Watch me while I rape my new bride again. I felt his hand spread my legs open, showing the blood leaking from my broken cherry to my love. I didn’t fight him. I even started to bob my head back and forth on his cock, sucking softly. “See, she isn’t even fighting me anymore. She likes what do to her, just like a good slave.”

All I wanted to do was survive this, so I complied, letting Bixby mouth rape me. At first, he let me be in control, but he started grabbing the back of my head, forcing it deep in my throat, making me panic every time he did it.

The Prince would pull in out quickly, laughing at me as I gagged violent for breath. “No more… no more…” I felt a hand of one of the remaining monks touching my body. The other one was jacking near Jonny.

The demon stopped, and stepped back. “I’ll make a deal with you, wife. Kill your old beau, and I’ll never rape you again.”


“Then, suck it as my slave, or make love to me as my wife. Each has their prices. As long as he lives, you’re nothing but a whore for my pleasure. He dies, and you’ll be a queen,” I know you feel the power radiating within you. Embrace it, and enjoy what I can do for you.”

The more he spoke, the more sense he began to make. Memories of my life from before started to fade away into a distant mist. “I am going to untie you, and you’re going to get on your hands and knees before me. Understand?”

I looked up at him, tears pouring down my cheeks, “Yes, sir.” He untied me, and I did as I was told, too ashamed to look at my Jonny. The ground was cold and dirty as I got down, and closed my eyes tightly. ‘Bixby’ got behind me, and slammed his cock hard into my swollen, bloody pussy, releasing a moan of pleasure. All I could do was sob.

“Ohh, little girl, for someone not wanting this, you sure are getting wet,” he said, going in deeper. You’re soaked, you whore.” He quickly pulled out, and forced himself into my tight virgin asshole. Once again, he bit into me, this time in the flank of my shoulder.

“Don’t hurt me anymore, please!” I couldn’t stop sobbing. I looked to Jon, who was smiling, eyes still wet, and wide with joy. I turned my head to see what he was looking at. At the top was the stair was a girl with a deer rifle.

His face was hard as she squeezed the trigger, the bullet nailing my rapist, entering near his ear, and out through the other side of his head. The Prince hit the ground with a thud. Jon’s ropes suddenly dissipated. The chair and ropes that he conjured disappeared, as well.

The two monks didn’t have time to act. The sniper in the black dress at the top of the stairs quickly disposed of them in two quick shots. The limp body of The Prince laid with his men, black blood oozing from his dead.

The girl with the rifle marched down the stairs, ignoring us as I ran to Jon, and held him tightly in my arms. We watched as she stood over him, glaring into his nearly shot off face. Both of his horns were turned to fragments, all over the floor, crunching under her black boots.

“I know you’re still in there, William Bixby! It’s me, you bastard! Remember? I know you can hear me, asshole!”
Bixby spat out a mouthful of blood, “Sue… Sue Royce…” She was tall, with circles under her eyes darker than The Prince’s. She looked strung out, and on her last nerve.

“I saw your pattern all over the news! I knew what you were up to the minute Miri was reported missing this morning. I told you if you ever tried to summon The Dark Prince again, I would take you down.” This was the girl that Miri said got raped by Bixby in high school!

The demon on the floor laughed, his wounds slowly healing, “This wound is nothing to us. You are powerless.”

“Am I?” Sue smiled, taking her book bag off, and reaching into it. She drew out an old, leather book with a lock on it. The moment he saw it, Bixby’s red eyes widened.


“Hehe, I have your grimore, Bixby. It’s all over for you. Detective, come here, and man the gun.” Jon got up, and she tossed the rifle to him. “If he starts to heal even more, shoot him. Don’t let the bastard get up.” Sue then opened the book, and started reading in the same strange language of the chanting.

Bixby’s wide, red eyes started to fade until they were brown again. “No, no, no…” he groaned, blood still pouring all over the ground from his head and mouth. Jonny put another round into his head, making brain-matter and black blood splatter everywhere.

His leg twitched violently. Soon, the jets of blood turned a normal shade of red, and stopped as Sue finished the chant by pouring holy water over the corpse of our rapist. Soon, he looked like his old self again.

Without another word, she pulled out a container of lighter fluid from her bag, threw the book to the ground, and caught burned it.

We could still hear the police outside, trying to figure out what is happening. I sighed, holding Jon tightly to me. “We ought to head outside, and tell them that he’s dead.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Johnny said, not letting me go as we went up the stairs. Sue followed. There was a faint smile of peace on her lips as we went up, and made our way to the police force outside.


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