“The Twilight Bone – Chapter 1 / Jilly’s Revenge” [Script]

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SYNOPSIS: Can sex dolls get PTSD?

The following takes place in a shared universe:
“The Twilight’s Zone,” Shudder’s “Creepshow” and Netflix’s “Black Mirror.”

Don’t feel like you have to do music or SFX. Alternatively, you can ask me to edit for you, and I’ll be pleased to help!.

Can be for 1 or 2 people.

The actor(s) can be any gender!

SFX: Fade in thunderstorm ambiance

NARRATOR: Greetings, intrepid listeners. I’m __, and I’m here to take you on a strange journey into mind and body, perhaps even the soul itself. This journey is one that explores humanity, ethics, and what it means to be a person. Sex doll, Jilly, is sentient. She can feel, taste, cry and experience emotions. However, the plastic woman can’t move herself, and can only be posed by another. Once placed in position, her limbs lock so that she can be used any way her owner pleases.

SFX: Lighting strikes in the distance

NARRATOR: Imagine, if you will, a strange world, one where you only exist as a tool to be used for the pursuit of pleasure. One where you are simply a sex doll to be used. Would you be scared? Angry? Bored? Confused? Jilly is all of the above, and after an upgrade, will finally be able to get revenge on those who have enslaved her.

SFX: Thunder strike in the distance

NARRATOR: In this audio story, you’ll hear about how Jilly escapes with the help of a new friend.

(Dramatic pause)

NARRATOR: Join us as we explore the story of Jilly’s cookie, and how it gets its pound of flesh. Here, on the “Twilight Bone.”

SFX: Fade out thunderstorm / Fade in a song from a music box, playing throughout

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) It’s been 6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 6 hours, and 12 minutes since my enslavement as a cookie. I’m in a sex doll. My owner, Dave, uses me often. At least twice a day on weekdays, three to five on weekends. Frankly, it’s starting to get to me.

SFX: The sound of Jilly Doll being raped throughout in the background, with Jilly’s V/O as the primary focus.

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) I’m Jilly. Or rather, I’m not. I’m a copy. A cookie. That’s what they fucking call me. A cookie. Stupid name. (Pause)

(Allow some of the moaning to be highlighted during the pause)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) A cookie is a copy of someone’s mind. Basically, I’m what was pulled from a porn star’s head, and put into a life size silicone & plastic doll. I can’t move. I can’t fight. I can’t disobey… Not without cruel and unusual punishment. The man I have to call “Master” is a monster. He’ll put me on time out. Five minutes for him feels like weeks to me. Weeks of sitting there in nothingness. No purpose. No tasks. I just sit there, crying until he decides to take me out of timeout. I’d rather take what’s coming to me than know that again.

(Pause to show off the rape in the background)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) Right now, he’s balls deep in my ass. I’m sobbing, but as usual, that only seems to only heighten his pleasure. Frankly, I put on a bit of show for him. The more I cry, the faster he nuts, so I put on a show so believable that it would make Meryl Streep jealous. I’m face down on the mattress, as up, wearing one of his ridiculous outfits. This time, I’m a French Maid.

(She sighs deeply, pausing here, allowing the rape in the background to be highlighted before beginning again)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) I can feel every inch of his hardness inside me right now. He’s ripped me a few times, and had to get me repaired. The bastard goes too hard. Even when I had my real pussy, I didn’t let guys go this hard. It’s not like I can do anything about it now. I’m just a fuck hole to this guy. A toy to beat up and abuse when he’s angry, and to beat up and rape when he’s happy. Either way, frankly, I’m fucked, and I’m tired of it. I’d do anything to get the hell out of here. I miss sunlight and food. I miss the smell of incense and fancy candles. God, I miss the taste of chocolate and red wine. I miss being real.

Most of all, I miss being free…

(Pause to allow the crying and moaning in the background to show)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) (Traumatized) When the Master fucks me, it’s like I leave my body. I’m standing over us right now, watching myself being… brutalized by this asshole. He has his hands on my hips, pounding my asshole so hard that I fear I’m going to tear again. It hurts so badly, but I can’t feel it here. Not from where I’m standing.

(Her tone becomes more haunted. Pause for background moans before resuming)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) I want to fight him so badly… SO BADLY. When I realized I couldn’t, I thought I’d go mad. The horror of it all… The sheer horror. (Pause) Oh shit. He’s rolling me over. Choking me. He knows I can’t feel it, but that never stops him. Sometimes, I don’t think he can cum unless he knows I’m suffering… Yep. There it is.

(Pause – He’s cumming, and let it be clear by Jilly’s reaction in the background)

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) I hate this… When is it going to be over? (Pause – Crying in the background) I swear to god, if I could, I’d…

SFX: Phone rings – Is answered by the unheard “Master” / The call lasts 25 seconds and he hangs up

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) (Excited) Very interesting! The Master says there’s an upgrade model available. A new body! One that can move! Oh, my god!

SFX: The crying in the background stops, and the voice over ends. Now everything is directly from Jilly Doll to the Master

JILLY DOLL: (Sniffles) Really, Master? You’ll give me a working body? (Pause) What’s the catch? (Pause) A… shock collar? (Long pause) And limited speech? Well, what would I be able to say? (Starts to cry again – Screams suddenly as if frightened) I’m sorry, Master! I’ll be more grateful! I promise… When does my new body arrive, then?

(She pauses, sounding more and more excited with non-verbal noises)

JILLY DOLL: And you’ll put my cookie in that body, and I’ll be able to walk and move more than my neck and head? (Pause – Relief) I can’t wait! (Sniffles from crying) Anything you say, Master. Anything you say! I just want to move again.

MUSIC CUE: Fade out music box

SFX: Fade in night sounds in a city

JILLY DOLL: Is it here, Master? Is that it? Oh, my! What a huge box! Crack it open! I wanna see what I look like!

SFX: Unboxing the large robot body

JILLY DOLL: (Tearful) She’s beautiful. You even got a replica of me… (Pause) Please, Master, let’s do this now. Put me in her. Please, put me inside her. I’ll do anything you ask, I’ll be your willing slave, and serve you forever if you put me in her right now.

SFX: Computer noises to signify she’s being transferred from body to body

JILLY DOLL 2.0: (Excited) ONE! TWO! TESTING! ONE! TWO! Oh, my god! It works! I work! I’m me! Oh, my god, this is amazing! Thank you, Master! (Kisses him passionately) If I could love, I’d love you, Master. I really would. I want to worship you forever.

(More kissing)

JILLY DOLL: Teach me the codes to my body. The passwords to the modules… (Kisses) Please, Master… I need the Master password to override a tech bug. I have to do it, Master… (Kisses deeply) Please, give me the master password encryption data…

(Her tone goes from erotic and grateful to slightly sadder, but still sexy)

JILLY DOLL: Oh, well, maybe you should just fuck me instead? Huh? Wanna fuck me, Master? (Pause) God, my clit works perfectly. I missed that. (Pause – Pouts) Let me touch it, Master, please? (Purrs while kissing him, touching herself) Please, fuck me, Master. Please, I need you inside me… I’m so grateful, and I need to show you just how grateful I am…

(They makeout for several minutes, getting hot and heavy)

JILLY DOLL: Fuck me, Master, please… I need you. I need you fucking badly, and I can’t take it anymore! YES! (Moans as he enters her pussy) Yes, Master. You feel so good. You are amazing. I need you so badly it hurts…

(They fuck hard and fast for several minutes)

JILLY DOLL: Let me touch myself, Master! Please… (Moans in pleasure – Is fucked and is touching her clit vigorously, shaking and quaking in pleasure)

(Jilly gives the performance of a lifetime, acting like she actually wanted to fuck him.)

JILLY DOLL: Cum for me, Master… Cum in your plastic bimbo’s tight little plastic pussy! YES! (He cums) I told you I was better when I can move… Catch your breath, baby… I need to ask you something important… What’s my Master encryption code? (Sighs) Master, please. Be reasonable. I have some bugs I have to fix. If I don’t, it’ll affect my processor.

(Pause as she listens to him. He basically says “I can’t tell you because you’ll just abuse it)

JILLY DOLL: Don’t you trust me? (Pause – Growls at his “no”) Well, I have to ask this, how’s your nose feeling? (Pause) It’s bleeding.

SFX: Punches him in the nose

JILLY DOLL: Give the code

SFX: Punch!

JILLY DOLL: The code! NOW!


JILLY DOLL: Last chance before I pull your pecker off. What is the code? (Pause) Now was that so hard?

SFX: Computer sounds indicating that she is putting in a code / Sudden silence

JILLY DOLL: (V/O) The fucker was afraid this would happen, and gave me the “system shutdown override code.” Basically, he turned me into a paper weight again. I can now only move in pre-set ways. I can sit up on my knees, I can bend over, and I give hand jobs. I can even move my pelvis when told, but I can’t walk. And worst of all? He took my ability to talk. Well, not completely. I can only say three sentences…

SFX: Fade in the music box song on loop throughout / Fade in her her crying and being fucked

JILLY DOLL: (Panicked while being fucked – Crying) Jilly wants cum! Cum in me, Master. (Sobbing louder) I’m a whore. I’m a whore… I’m a whore… I’m a whore… (Crying) Jilly wants cum!

SFX: Fade out music box and crying / Fade in thunderstorm

NARRATOR: Don’t feel too badly for Jilly Doll. Eventually, she does manage to get out of her situation but that’s a story for another day. Another day in (Dramatic pause) The Twilight Bone.


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