“The Twilight Bone: Chapter 2 – “The Monkey’s Paw” [Script]

[AA4M] [FA4A] [Script Offer] [Twisted Parodies of Your Favorite Horror Anthologies] [“The Twilight Zone”] [“Black Mirror”] [“Creepshow”] [Rape] [Fearplay] [Wishes are Granted by a Cursed Relic] [Music] [SFX]

The following takes place in a shared universe:
“The Twilight’s Zone,” Shudder’s “Creepshow” and Netflix’s “Black Mirror.”

Don’t feel like you have to do music or SFX. Alternatively, you can ask me to edit for you, and I’ll be pleased to help!

Can be for 1 or 2 people.

The actor(s) can be any gender!

SYNOPSIS: While robbing an old house, I found a creepy monkey paw. Turns out it grants wishes…

SFX: Fade in thunderstorm ambiance

NARRATOR: Greetings, intrepid listener. I’m __. Welcome to our story. In this tale of macabre and horror, we’re going to meet Phi-Phi. (Dramatic pause) Phi-Phi is not your average, everyday, hard working woman. She doesn’t do the 9 to 5 grind, nor does she care about things like family and children. No. Phi-Phi has other interests…

SFX: Lightning strikes in the distance

NARRATOR: All she has ever wanted was to be rich. Filthy, stupid, stinking rich. Born impoverished and growing up dirt poor, she vowed to do better for herself as an adult on her own. However, instead of working hard and making an honest wage, Phi-Phi decided to go in the other direction, which headed straight into (Dramatic pause) The Twilight Bone.

SFX: Glass breaks / Maintain the storm ambiance throughout / Steps on the broken glass

PHI-PHI: (Heavy breathing)

SFX: Shuffling through boxes and drawers, looking for things to steal

PHI-PHI: (Whispering as to not get caught) Cheap skate! Where’s the good stuff? This is all shit…

SFX: More shuffling of items

PHI-PHI: (Quiet sounds of disapproval at how cheap everything is)

SFX: A light switch turns on

PHI-PHI: (Startled yelp) Don’t shoot! Put the gun down! I’m unarmed. I’m not going to hurt you! Look! Look at me! I’m unarmed! My ID? Sure, here’s my ID… Take it, I’m not going to do anything, I promise!

SFX: Takes the gun

PHI-PHI: Fucking idiot. Take me to your safe, old man! Now! YES! NOW! (Pause) I don’t care about all that. All I care about is taking your money and expensive shit! Old houses like these always have safes. Where is it? (Pause – Laughs) Damn right. Take me to it, then!

NARRATOR: The house was neglected, dusty and old. It’s owner; a sad, dirty old man with a cigar in between his yellowed teeth. He led Phi-Phi through a massive corridor and up a set of stairs. She pushed the gun into his back to go faster, desperate to get out of there as soon as possible. The safe was located in his bedroom, hidden behind a grand mirror. However, when he popped the safe open, there was no treasure, no money, no gold… No… There was only…

PHI-PHI: (Pause) A fucking severed money paw? Seriously!? Disgusting!

SFX: Hits him

PHI-PHI: What the fuck is this? (Pause) I can see that! Why do you have it, and why is it making a peace sign? (Pause – Less angry) Oh, fuck. Seriously? So let me get this straight: The owner gets four wishes? And you’ve spent two? (Incredulously) No way! (Starting to believe a little) Really, though? You’re not making this up? What do you wish for?

SFX: Lighting strikes in the distance

PHI-PHI: (Pause) Wow. Great choices, actually. I mean, I’m homeless, dude. I’d definitely wish for a home. But… (Nervous pause) if you wished for a wife, where is she now? (Pause – Gasp) Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What happened? (Pause – Sadly) Wow… carbon monoxide? Because of the house? Jeez. What a break. (Heavy pause) I imagine you have it locked away for safety as much as for its protection, am I right? Well, I’m sorry to do this to you, I really am, but…

SFX: Picks up the monkey paw

PHI-PHI: One: I wish I were the owner of this house! Two: I wish this man were my husband so I inherit everything he owns when he dies, and three: I… (Is interrupted by the old man taking the hand away from her and trying to flee with it) STOP! Let go of that paw! NO!

SFX: Magical sound

NARRATOR: She couldn’t believe her eyes.

SFX: Struggling against ropes helplessly

NARRATOR: The man grabbed the monkey’s paw out of her hand, and screamed “I wish I were young again!” then to her horror “I wish she were tied up in my bed, and can’t get out of the ropes without me!” And just like that, in a literal flash, there she was, tied to his four post bed, each limb secured safely to a post.

SFX: Struggling harder against the bed and ropes

PHI-PHI: HELP! HELP! (Startled) Oh, shit. It’s you. But you’re so… handsome. And young! (Stambering) And… Wow. I just didn’t expect you to look like that. (Pause – Panting and whimpering wordlessly in fear) No! (Terror) Put the paw down. Please… Don’t do anything else. I can use a wish to retract the last ones, I’m sure! Right?


PHI-PHI: (Crying) I don’t know! I don’t know anything about you! I just broke in because it’s cold and wet outside, and I was hoping to find enough shit to get breakfast in the morning! That’s it! I have no idea who you even are! (Pause – Crying throughout the pause wordlessly) I’ve never heard of it. What’s that?

SFX: More struggling against the restraints

PHI-PHI: I don’t believe you… (Panic) That is not true! Please, let me go. I promise, I’ll turn around and never come back. I swear to god, please don’t kill me. (In horror) Please, please, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, please. (Gasps as he grabs her cunt) NO! Let go! Don’t touch me there! No… (Cries and whimpers in terror)

NARRATOR: The formerly old man was a serial killer. A world famous, well known serial killer who has stalked the area for years. What he failed to tell Phi-Phi was that in his youth, he stole the monkey paw himself, but he didn’t wish for the house. No. That was a lie. The old man had wished he could get away with his crimes forever. His second wish was to marry rich, and he did. This house belonged to his dead wife… who he murdered as well!

PHI-PHI: NO! I won’t listen any further! Just let me go! Let me go now!

NARRATOR: He went into detail, describing each murder committed, taunting her with the threat that she’s next. He taunted how they’re married now, and she’s now tied to a killer.

PHI-PHI: What are you doing?

NARRATOR: “What any man would do in this situation,” he said coldly.

PHI-PHI: (Whimpering) What do you want from me? (GASP!) We can’t consummate the marriage! We’re not actually married! There’s no way a monkey paw is legally binding! (Weeping)

SFX: Clothes ripping off

PHI-PHI: (Crying as her clothes are ripped off) You can’t do this… I don’t care! This isn’t fair! Please, don’t… What are you doing now?

NARRATOR: To her horror, the man was going lower, lower still, until he was face to face with her exposed pussy.

PHI-PHI: (Tearful and horrified, but is unable to help herself from moaning) No, I don’t want this… Stop! (He orally rapes her until she’s moaning in pleasure, and has stopped crying all together / He then stops and starts to fuck her hard and fast, rocking her world until orgasm)

PHI-PHI: (Scared) Why did you do that? (Pause) Please, you had your fun now… Let me go. Please. I’m begging you.

NARRATOR: To her shock, he actually untied her hands and feet, but quicker than he could regret it, Phi-Phi had her hands on the monkey’s paw.

PHI-PHI: I wish you were dead!

SFX: Magic noise / Fade out storm ambiance / Fade in summer day ambiance

NARRATOR: And he was. The man hit the ground with a hard thud, dead as a door knob. The next day, she checked with the banks, the lawyers, and whoever she needed to in order to verify her position as his wife. She did, to her shock, with an amazing amount of ease. They were legally married, and everything was hers now. Phi-Phi then renovated the house, and had the safe customized for herself, the locks changed. However, she never counted on one thing…

SFX: A knock on the door

PHI-PHI: Hi officer, may I help you? (Pause – Horror) Under arrest? WHY?

NARRATOR: She never expected him to have security cameras in the bedroom.

SFX: Fade out her screaming / Fade in on a thunderstorm ambiance

NARRATOR: Phi-Phi will never again see the outside of a prison without armed escort. She has been sent away from the fortune she had so quickly amassed, her last wish kept locked away in a safe, now forever out of reach. Just as quickly as she gained her dream come true, everything was gone in a brutal flash. (Sardonically) At least she’s no longer homeless. Phi-Phi’s new home is here, in this dark prison of the unknown. This prison we call (Dramatic pause) The Twilight Bone.


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